Diamond Hands 2024

Oooo this is interesting

Upcoming 2024 Electroneum Hackathon.

We’ll be working with a large Hackathon organisation to manage and promote this exciting event.

We’d love to hear from you about what projects you would like to see built on the Electroneum blockchain.

Ideas might be included in the below categories or perhaps something nobody has ever thought of! Let us know, and we’ll get the most popular added to the hackathon!

Potential categories include:
NFT projects, games linked to wallets, utilities and tools, Cross Chain applications, teaching resources, etc.


I don’t know what a hackathon is, it sounds like they want everyone to try and hack them, but we are past that security testing stage so it must be something else.

From the interweb.

A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and other interested people together to improve upon or build a new software program.

The word hackathon is a portmanteau of the words hacker, which means clever programmer, and marathon, an event marked by endurance. The concept of the hackathon, also called a hack day or hack fest, was born out of the open source community…


Well you learn something every day, I never knew a hacker was a clever programmer, always thought it referred to naughty people getting into things they shouldn’t get into, which obviously is clever too, but bad clever, not good clever.

Governments have actually hired hackers via challenges, puzzles codes etc theyre called CEH or certified ethical hackers…

Lots of them on youtube that go after the skammers. Really good to watch them .

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Yeah, I know you have to have ethical people with the same abilities as the crooks, to make sure you are crook-proof, of course Electroneum have used them too. I didn’t know it referred to wider programming activities not related to security issues.

Meanwhile, 29… sigh, do I really have to fire up the ETN HODLwagon again…


Friiiiiddddddaaaaaayyyy!!. Ah the best day of the week…

Have a good one…


should we do it again?


Why not at this point we need volume!!!


Ahhh monday is here again, is it just me or do weekends fly over lol.

Have an amazing week everyone.


Hi everyone,

Not been here for a while, hope everyone is well. New update coming from Richard next week - something to look forward to.

Hopefully some information on new exchanges and partnership agreements?


Ahh, finally some dates and RE action! Can’t wait :muscle:

Let’s hope it’s good.


Basement prices right now :star_struck:

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I have a question for UK citizens… in this moment, if we want to sell our ETN and cash out money… can we do it? If yes, how do you do that?

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If it was me I would sell for USDT on HTX, transfer to Coinbase, sell USDT for GBP then transfer to my bank. I’m sure there are other ways, depends what accounts you have open etc.


I have a bit more optimism. The playing field is different now for ETN.

The demand can grow via demand for the Smart Chain. The pieces are there a but a huge marketing push would be needed imo as there’s big competition today between the ecosystems.

I don’t expect a super fast rise in price, but hopefully a gradual increase in demand and price.

That’s one argument for “moon” actually, current price is in the toilet so even a slight rise in demand will give a nice boost.


I’m not expecting a big economic collapse, there are some people that hope and pray for global collapse just so it can moon their investment and punish their perceived global villains, which is quite a repulsive attitude in my opinion.

As for ETN, my recent purchases around 0.006 after the new blockchain launch may be looking a bit sick but I’m not too fussed as not planning to sell immediately. Someday we will have a price pump, don’t know how or when, but purchases under a cent should pay off, perhaps have to be more nimble than in 2021 and take fuller advantage of it. Don’t know if we will ever get BIG announcements, and I’m still finding it hard to see where our focus is right now.

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Yeah… I just heard that USDT will be banned from next month in the European Union because of some govðerðment restrictions… no good

Ah yes, I see this all over the “news”… well, we aren’t in the EU, so are we outside MICA regulation? And will exchanges care to make that distinction? There’s a lot of “ifs” so I’m not worried yet…