Developing a Hardware Wallet for ETN

Hello ETN Community! You may have heard about us before as there has been a few posts going around, we are ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet and we are looking to develop a new model just for ETN. It will support ETN, XMR and all other currencies in one device.

Our current model uses QRcodes to sign transaction with your mobile phone. However, to support large transaction data of ETN and XMR, ELLIPAL will be specifically creating a new model that will use BlueTooth. This new model will support all other coins that ELLIPAL already supports and will work with the same App. It will be a full ETN hardware wallet that works with your mobile phone.

In order to make this happen, we need support from the community.

We would need 2000 people to sign up and one sign up will cost $1. If we can see there is enough support for this product, we will begin our development. All money raised will be used for our development funds as this project will run separately from current ELLIPAL model.

All Backers will receive a special discount on the new model once we finish development.

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done, I hope I can easily reach 2000 users …


The team may also be able to post on social media possibly if you get in contact with them.
@Rach may be able to help


That would be a really good idea Presto, it’d be great if the team could do that. I’m positive that would have a huge impact.

@chris.gorman, @ETNCEO, @ImogenD

Donated yesterday. Very excited!

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Thanks for bringing this up again @ELLIPAL! :+1:

We need more supporters. Don’t need to be a whale :whale: to have a hardware wallet.

I signed up the day it was announced on here, 1/31 I believe after either @Cryptoman976 or @UltimAL75 posted it. Looking forward to another storage option, thanks for your hard work! :grinning:


Hi Guys and Gals,

Here is my opinion it is not an official statement as I am not an official ETN employee.

I would strongly caution anyone using this product, it is untested and the company has not proven themselves (yet). I am not referring to the existing Ellipal’s products, I am strictly talking about the new and under development cold storage wallet for ETN.

Ellipal is a new company and their intentions are good, but there are hardware and software limitations when it comes to cryptonight. Bluetooth being a wireless technology comes with its own set of vulnerabilities and problems when it comes to the wireless security of the bluetooth.

I personally, pre ordered one to test it if and when they become available, but I do not think the ETN Team should endorse it at this stage and here is why?

First of all, bluetooth is not safe, Bluetooth technology is no different than wi-fi it is a wireless communication and therefore susceptible to spying and remote access, just like WiFi is susceptible if the network isn’t secured. Fact - bluetooth is less secure than wi-fi. It would not take much for someone to get into your device via bluetooth. Anyone with the right set of skills and tools can do this if they get close enough to you which is roughly 30 feet. Once connected, it opens up a device to all sorts of security vulnerabilities.

In the event a security issue of this untested product people could potentially lose their coins, but lets not go there. Even if there was a simple bug and people lost access to their coins that alone would be a cause for major drama. Even with the best intentions any endorsement by the ETN Team could end up horribly wrong for its users and the community. Imagine the fud form everyone affected by whatever the issue big or small, it matters not as at that point people would be pointing fingers.

In my opinion Ellipal needs to spend the money and make the product and release it, so it can be tested. I know that they want to see the intrest in the product before spending the money, but it is a two way street and you do not buy a cat in the bag, you do not buy a car without test driving and so on. You can not endorse a product that does not exist and most of all, has not been proven and tested. Trezor, Ledger spend millions on R&D and still come up with security issues. There is just not enough information at the moment. I am looking forward to testing one of them should they ever create it.

That is just my opinion does not make me right.


Thanks for that, @MSystem very wise and true concerns.

I do not believe Ellipal is looking for an endorsement, this is simply making people aware of their intentions. I agree it would need to be tested and confirmed.

With that said, ETN customers are looking for this type of solution which is ultimately what matters. ETN will never come up with a hardware solution or ever endorse one because they want all the ETN to flow through their centralized system…and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the beauty of choice.
But at the end of the day this is a cryptocurrency and there are many people that would rather hold their own keys and not have to deal with the confusing CLI. The absolute bottom line in crypto is; not your keys, not your crypto…and as Richard clearly said in his interview with Mick, anything can be hacked.

On a side note, @ELLIPAL would it be possible to have some sort of percentage meter on your site so everyone can see how far along you are on signups and starting development?



Ellipal does NOT use Bluetooth. It only uses the camera on the device and your phone to send QR confirmation codes between the app and the device itself via QR scans.

This is a demo made last year using a demo unit to see exactly how it works. I don’t know if anything has changed, but you will see there is no bluetooth or wifi connection available on the device itself.


Thank you for bringing these concerns to light @MSystem . I did not mean that the team would endorse the project but just make it know that it is out there. But I understand any official announcement would be a form of endorsement. Thank you again for writing this up.

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Thank you for your comment @Cryptoman976. The reply was more towards the members of this community rather than Ellipal. In fact, I applaud @ELLIPAL for taking the first steps in the direction of implementation of the cryptonight, as it is a challenging one to say the least.

Given the current bear market situation I do not blame them for trying to gauge the intrest in the device, prior to the development of the wallet. Nothing is free and it is understandable why they would want to get at least 2000 commitments. I have done my part and signed up, as I am eager to see the first cold storage wallet with the ETN logo on it. I will probably still use the cli as it is my preferred method, but I could see why many would love to have a device that they could store their ETN.

For all intents and purposes I am looking forward to getting my hands on, and just like I cautioned everyone here on the shortfalls of the bluetooth tech, I will be back to share my honest and unbiased opinion.



Yes sir, we share the same sentiment. But, it’s not bluetooth. There is no wireless connection on the device at all. It uses QR scans via the device camera and your phone camera through the app. So there are no worries at all for remote hacking. It’s impossible.

Thanks for the images @Cryptoman976 but perhaps you did not realize that the new model they are building to accommodate ETN and XMR would be on a bluetooth platform, hence my caution to everyone. The images you referenced are of the existing devices.



Please see above …


Yes thank you. I obviously missed something. So my remembrance on them addressing something with bluetooth was not a shadow memory ;p I do recall them saying something about it…maybe it’s only the QR codes are transmitted via bluetooth while the transactions themselves are still done on the device only. I’m searching for that info. Maybe Ellipal can point it out for us because that is a legitimate concern to look into. Thanks M.


Here is a perfect example of why I personally want a hard wallet;

I just went to extend my mobile miner for the first time after a week. When I cliked on extend, it acted like I had to re-setup my cloud mining…which I found very strange considering I did that last week when the android update became available. I did not think much of it and proceeded. I drew the image it wanted me to draw and I did the selfie. This is what I was greeted with:

So…now I’m locked out of my wallet (and funds by extension) entirely and I have no idea why. Luckily, I only use the official app for mobile mining for now. So it is not that big of a deal. I’ll try again later today as it suggests, but if I get locked out again, I’ll be raising a ticket to the support team. Being in IT myself, I understand these things happen, but for any “normie” out there that this happens to, itcould be over blown into a huge ordeal and create unnecessary FUD. I have full faith these small issues will be resolved…but for now, I’d rather be in 100% control of my own keys.


This has happened to everyone. Pretty sure an upgrade is happening. ( I see the point you are making, just wanted to make sure you knew it wasn’t just you :slight_smile: )


Yeah, I was just talking to some other people and they had the same thing happen just now as well. Good…hopefully it’s part of an upgrade for the next big announcement. I just wish there would have been some sort of notice saying “Hey, your authorizations may see some hiccups during these hours”. All good. But I’d still like a HW wallet none-the-less :slight_smile:


After closing the app and re-logging in 15 minutes after I got locked out, I was able to access my wallet and am happy to report the cloud miner time was refreshed. Very odd, but okay. All seems good now.


Yes you are right, we want to see if there are enough people who will support the product when we finish developing. Right now we only have about 200 people who has signed up. The support are coming in slowly and steadily.

We truly understand the concerns over Bluetooth, or any connections at all, hence our original model being completely isolated.

However, due to ETN’s transaction nature, we will be choosing Bluetooth as the next best option to support the coin. We will do our best to develop a quality product and make it as secure as possible.