Developers, Marketing and 24*7 staff for growth


I personally feels that we quickly need to bring in more developers for Blockchain and backend development. Marketing should not be limited to Richards.
Support team availability needs to be bring in practice for 24*7. To check and resolve technical and transactional queries.

Much required to get the believe of customer with. Better experience for mass adoption. Speed, technology and customer experience will play an important role.

Because there will be enough competition, need to cover/acquire all market to cement Our place.


Agree with you and the same suggestion i make at my statistic excel - but it seems nobody listen :frowning: I know a lot of other projects - that answear to reviews at Google play - instantly add more languages, hire more stuff to have faster KYC process etc…


Yes, Crypto is in initial phase and it needs to be customer delight… I wonder it is most of European company first thing to adopt. It is reason Service industry has evolved bigger than product market.

So request towards ETN team, not to waste time and be bit aggressive in all domains.


It might need funding and investment from bigger entities… Richards needs to build team for same…


Now you said it, I strongly belief that we desperately need outstanding developers to prevent any future issues ! For how can we operate on global scale, when now we have issues at very little of use. As I recall there has been many problem in the past which would’t have happened with proper developers.


Yes they do not listen, that is known fact unfortunately, and that may bring as to disaster it’s a shame for the project has so great potential if properly directed would be so successful ! Now I’m afraid that all may be lost :rage:


I 100% agree with everyone, there are some really important points and brilliant feedback from ETN users in the ideas and recommendations section that have gone unnoticed for far too long. Some of them are pretty simple and be changed in a day. Lets hope the feedback is taken more seriously from now.


Agree, I have been following community . It seems every one wants to hear just positive news. But with such a lovely concept, it will need pace and fast implementation without error.


Exactly, for instance I have just tried to sent some amount of etn to other ETN address and after 20min status is still Pending ! This is unacceptable if we are to be successful, don’t you ?


I totally agrees. Right example is TRX (Tron). See from where, they have reached where. Currently having their own block chain. So much in news with new developments. TRX to their private wallet had taken around 1 minute to transfer.

Richards we want to hear techinical enhancement as well. Else it is just bug fixes… No proactive measures.


Most likely, those empty mined blocks are the culprit. ETN has nothing to do with it.
f2pool has everything to do with it, but they don’t wanna assume this because they will lose their huge profits if those miners will leave their pool.


Yes that is right 1 minute transfer should satisfy everyone but certainly not 1 day LOL.


Tron is a normal coin, not a mineable coin. It is the same as Ripple.
If you have a blockchain that depends on the miners for the transactions to be made, it is far more difficult.


I understand, but if we had vision for past one year. These thing needs to be fixed within initial period.
Here example was to build a solid platform. Also how quickly we can deliver it.


If that is so then perhaps we should consider to switch to the same reliable system while is still time ? Electroneum has made so many great changes that another one should not surprise anybody.


How to switch to the same system? Is like you would ask Bitcoin to switch to being a token.


I know, I’m just saying that I do’t like this Cryptonight algorithm it’s so lame, I wish we could have something like EOS that be great ?


Man, since when are you in the crypto world? Things don’t work that way.
And how could Cryptonight be ‘‘lame’’? Monero is a currency that will explode in the near future.
It is already accepted as payment by several singers, the most notable one being Beyonce.
If you want to switch to EOS, then go ahead. I believe you don’t understand ETN at all.

Needless to say how these top coins behaved when they were less than a year old.
Much worse than ETN, that’s for sure.


I think long enough to now that Cryptonight has it’s transfer limitations and If we talking about transfer abilities that is what ETN will need when it comes to global use, I do’t think that Cryptonight will be able to do so.


It will evolve in time. Same as Bitcoin updated through the lightning network. But not by changing algo.
You people want results on the spot, and don’t realise that things don’t go this way in real life.
Bitcoin tried to solve their problems only after 8 years of existance.