DENT vs ETN Stats


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I wonder what is your real intention of this post on the electroneum community forum ?


no negative motives just interesting to view stats , i feel that both these project have great communities and use cases and seem like two cousins projects working in parallel , crypto isnt always about being contentious its about seeing progress in all crypto we are stronger together, you can learn from each other !

who knows there might be a partnership with these two in the future since there might be overlap !


I have looked in to Dent and it is a good product, but it is to narrow for me to invest in and they need to do a lot to come close to ETN.


I see dent as more of a mvno crypto
and Electroneum is setting to be a overall payment method mass adopted. But they are targeting similar areas and have similar strategies in some ways. I see it as healthy competition :+1:


sometimes becoming a target industry standard and a specialist in it can be as successful as a generalist , but i understand your point in regards to dents eco system being only within telecoms data , though its looking to become a leader in that seems to be making the right moves just as Electroneum is in its own respects !


Thank you for the share. I too have been following Dent and noting similarities to ETN. I think a forum is more productive when members can objectively present facts.

I don’t believe it is productive when members get emotional upon reviewing those facts followed by suspicion of a conspiracy.


no worries, we love and support DENT :wink:


Thank you Latroy , exactly right , it shows a maturity of a community to be able to embrace change and innovation from all areas especially from the industry your in , it only makes us stronger to discuss it in an open and constructive manner rather than pigeon hole ourselves into a cult , which Electroneum certainly is not but there are fringes of the ETN community that can become overwhelmingly subjective at times and not objective !

Though the vast majority of the ETN community would be able to understand this article in a objective manner


We will see more of this in time to come, and integration between platforms might increase. In several post the last couple of months i have stressed that speed in this market is important for ETN. Dent got that speed and is working on overdrive to become a market leader. ETN is also doing it, but they use different tactics and approach, my best guess is that ETN will pick up speed in Q1 and be the big brother in Q3, but it is foreshore no time to rest.


This was a great mature reply


Can you show the source you got this information? Without looking it all up myself, I’m pretty sure a lot of this is false. Please prove me wrong.


7mil users

Dent KYC , and its own exchange

Dent on iOS and Andriod

For Volume and max supply please refer to CMC

Anything else that im lying about ???


I’ll pass this one…


Relax man, never said you were lying. I simply said I believe a lot of it is false. You could easily be posting false things that you didn’t know were false.

Everything you just posted as a source is from Dent’s twitter…they can claim however many users they want. The important thing is how many are actually active and what is the retention rate of the app for service usage?

I see nothing about Dent being KYC/AML compliant. This is where my doubt really kicks in. ETN is the very first KYC/AML compliant crypto in the world…and it goes live tomorrow. I would like to see where Dent proves it is compliant. KYC is different from AML as well. In your original post you claim both…but above you only claim KYC without a source.

Number of coins…yeah, that’s an easy one to look up. I’m more focused on the things that matter for real usage.

Please don’t get your nickers in a wad. If you are going to post a comparison of projects, you better be ready to answer someone calling you out for lack of sources and information. That doesn’t make you a liar, it just makes you ill-prepared.


Dent has a couple partnerships with a couple countries providing data I believe so that’s where the user numbers are from. 7m users for a mvno is pretty small we have a handful of agreements with established mvno’s with many more millions of users.


Can the electroneum forum Admin kindly remove this POST !!!
comparing 2 crypto is good but it is best if it is done on a general crypto forum or put it up in a crypto community vote like those in the telegram.
why don’t you post this on DENT forum or community.
From what I see, the way you presented the data is strategically presented in such a way that it is more pro DENT. From your reply it shows clearly that you are a DENT supporter but trying very hard to make it sound like you are doing a mature comparison .
Post like this created uncertainty and confusion to new electroneum investor and created unnecessary division to the electroneum community .
If you truly have no negative hidden agenda, it would be better if this is post on a general crypto forum.
lastly Dent user numbers has no facts to back them up that these are not duplicate users account .
you miss out electroneum has a patent pending . Fiat currency pairing .
Do note that users reach and actual daily user number is different thing altogether .


Also of interest is that a lot of the swings in volumes are people and vendors buying data.
I have been following the project for 10 months this year.
Good concept but not really my thing for investment.
Thanks @Izmo
I remain objective !


Thanks for being objective and not emotional ! if anyone believe this article effects ETN negatively really has missed the point !


There is a few concerns about Dent user numbers! so i compared them and what Dent say they have acomplised is not making any sense or i am way of?