Demo: iMessage App for ETN requests


Hi Guys!

So I’ve been playing around with the idea to create an iMessage app. I’ve made a screenrecording on how this can work. Check it out:


Haha, nicely done mate!


Thanks, hehe. What I’m trying to demo here is that there are multiple ways to make it freaking easy to transfer ETN from one person to another. I know, the iOS app is not even released, but this app-extension could be something to look into. I’m working on a version that is native-app independent as well. (but I need php devs for that… hint hint hint :upside_down_face:)


This is a fantastic idea.


This is really cool awesome work and exactly what I recommended ETN have the ablity to do in another thread. Im almost certain they will try and do something like this at some point makes alot of sense.


Super creative. I must admit. Great job, well done!!


Nice :ok_hand: or make somethink with Shortcuts