Delisting on KuCoin and a general worry

Dear Electroneum!

I’ve been on board quite early from the start and believed in your project and the whole concept. Though I’ve had a hard time understanding where you are going now?

You are updating the blockchain to do smart contracts so you’re obviously developing the project. But then I see this on KuCoin: that they are delisting ETN because it doesn’t meet their requirements (is something wrong with ETN).

But no information about this anywhere. No newsletter explaining anything.

Also you’ve got a lot of troll comments on SoMe but as many others you’ve chosen to treat this with silence which means that we who support you don’t get any chance to get another image of the situation.

Also early in the days I got a newsletters quite often and this was nice. Now… nothing. Except short twitter news which just re-state how good electroneum is.

So what is going on?! Are you still working on making this project evolve and get somewhere or has it been left to some kind of random chance?

If it’s the first then I think you need a HUGE improvement on the communication side. Communication is all and you know that @RichardElls @ETNCEO

Some exchanges will be delisting the old etn and relisting the new etn.


Ok. Good to know.

Should I move my etn to Electroneum’s own wallet to keep the migration safe or will I be able to use the same etn on KuCoin after the upgrade?

Info about all of this would be nice!


ETN put out a statement, (not sure if it was after the “special treatment” notification on Kucoin) and it appears that is all we will get. I have my doubts about a Kucoin re-listing, (time will tell in this respect) as the USDT daily volume for a long time was frequently only four figures.

Since April the majority of volume has been on HTX, formerly Huobi.

Today’s 24hr HTX volume is stated at around 800k However, what I find hard to understand is that with 5-800k daily volume, just a couple of grand can move price by around 5% which seems odd to me!

Someone posted that ETN can remain in the Kucoin wallets until either Feb or March 2024, but I would move to either the ETN wallet, paper wallet, or if you have an account with Huobi, you can store there. Obviously self custody is always more secure than leaving long-term on an exchange.


Thanks @Billy_Bongo :slight_smile: Paper wallet it will be then :slight_smile:


Just to add …

By using a testnet infrastructure, developers can identify and fix bugs, improve performance, and ensure the stability and security of their applications before launching them on the mainnet. A testnet infrastructure for Project Aurelius has already been established on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Please note: ‘Testnet tokens’ or ‘Testnet ETN’ are for developers only. They do not represent real world ETN, nor are they tradeable.

Build a smartchain token bridge (Complete):

After the launch of Project Aurelius, when a user opens and syncs their wallet for the first time, it will initiate an automatic transfer of their ETN via the smartchain token bridge onto the new blockchain version.

This automated transfer will take a varying amount of time dependent on whether their ETN is stored on the current blockchain (Flow V5), or on a previous version of the blockchain. Details of all Electroneum versions can be found on Github.

Further details about the migration process will be provided in due course. Please keep an eye out for this on our social media channels, found at the bottom of this article.

Test the blockchain system at scale (In Progress):

Blockchain testing verifies the functionality, performance, security, and reliability of blockchain-based systems. It involves unit, integration, functional, performance, security, and regression testing to ensure the quality and reliability of these systems. Extensive testing of the new blockchain version is already underway to assess its performance, security, and scalability under real-world conditions. Based on the test results, necessary modifications and refinements will be implemented to optimise the smartchain’s capabilities. Further testing will also be undertaken to assess the performance, security and reliability of the wider Electroneum ecosystem,


● Architect the smartchain system

● Introduce an EVM client

● Amalgamate the IBFT consensus model with the EVM client

● Repurpose an EVM-based block explorer

● Document the smartchain project

● Build out the testnet infrastructure

● Build smartchain token bridges

In Progress:

● Test the blockchain system at scale

Also the new chain will open up more doors for etn.

Also you can follow them on socials at

@electroneum #community links…