Delist us at Kucoin?

Can we get delisted @ Kucoin? It seems to me personally that we’re being manipulated there, and i think more by each day that it is Kucoin themselves that is doing it.

For a healthier growth we need a better, safer, more legit & secure listing. And for the time being I think that Cryptopia will have to be the better choice until we get some real attention and actual listings.

What do you all think? Would you like us to be delisted at Kucoin?

We did very good with cryptopia having about 80% of ETN trade volume during the sept month but all of a sudden, Kucoin somehow rambled and took the bigger portion of the trade volume.

I’m far from an exper in this field hence why i want everones opinion.

PS: It was brought to my attention that you can’t deposit ETN into cryptopia so obviously it wouldn’t be good to have this as our #1 exchange until we get some more lists.
Take care be safe

I can tell you what I think about cryptopia and ETN both have plenty in common that is technical issues, look at this info from cryptopia deposit of ETN → Currency Status: Deposits Disabled

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your deposit at this time.

Reason: Deposits for this currency are currently disabled. "

How about that ?

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Oh damn, wasn’t aware of this as I would never deposit ETN back into an exchange right now. I guess then that my plan wouldn’t be very well suited today.

Thanks for the input

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I’m hopeful though that sooner or later we’re gonna see some more momentum on EX. Liquid etc which will be a lovely day for us all

… No.

The more Exchanges we are listed on the better Trade Volume, the more Interest there will be and the sooner we can attract bigger spenders Increasing Volume even more.
I don’t think there is blatant Manipulation going on in Kucoin anyway. People but low and sell high, that is just what happens. Cryptopia is forever Down for Maintenance and take forever to fix things. Kucoin has been very reliable and that is what we need.
These 20 btc sell walls that pop up on Kucoin is somebody wanting to sell a their coins at a set price which is probably 4x more than they bought them at, simple as that.
Kucoin seems a lot more trustworthy than Cryptopia in just about every way i can think of. This is based purely on my own personal Experience. But getting delisted from there would be a massive mistake. IMO!


I agree that the more the merrier indeed.
Hopefully it isn’t a blatant manip, and you’re most likely right also as I’m known to be overthinking shit a tad bit to much.
Still i’m very confident for the future but I just feel that alot of people wants to IN but are being pulled back due to the suspicious activity.

I do agree with this opinion and also we need some sort of direct way to buy ETN especially for newcomers as they do’t know about the crap :grinning:
I see this way direct buying of ETN through the ETN app that would be linked to bank account or credit card.

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This would be life itself! :heart_eyes:

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No this is nothing new in crypto world, we should do it faster as the competition does’t sleep :grin:

Absolutely, it would bring an otherwise complicated process into the realm of mainstream adoption.

HOWEVER. I honestly don’t see this happening anytime in the near future due to the regulatory hurdles that must be overcome. It would mean Electroneum ltd would have to be classed as an exchange, which means they need to be registered with SEC amongst others and this is no easy feat.
I have ideas on how they can achieve the same result but again i dont think they would be willing/able to put in the hours/days/months manpower right now to even make a start on it.

Look at this list of cryptos that they did overcome the problems somehow ? →

The team have to act fast and brilliant If this project is to win against over 2000 competitors !

None of these have a working product where you can click a button and it takes money from your bank account and it tops up your card in crypto so i’m not sure why you think they have overcame anything?

These crypto’s that have plans on being able to issue a plastic card, intend on you topping up your card with a said Cryptocurrency and then when you use the card at a point of same your purchase value comes off your card to pay for the Item(s)

Not the same thing as we have mentioned above.

Furthermore, these cards are still likely to need a main provider such as VISA or Mastercard, and just a few days ago i was reading how Mastercard pulled the plug on one of them. I’m sorry but i just don’t see these card style Cryptos making it. GRAFT cryptocurrency is aiming to be exactly the same, and i hold GRAFT in the hopes that i’m wrong, because if i am this will explode! but for now there is too many barriers and these barriers have been put in place by powerful Companies/people/goverments and these people all seem to hate Crypto. Probably because they know it will make them/their Comapny’s/Goverment powerless and less in control but none the less they don’t seem to like Crypto and i don’t see them making it any easier in the near future, despite me hoping otherwise.

Yes, but remember that ETN is going to fallow the regulations so we must have green light from government and even if ETN apply for acting as an exchange as well what is wrong with that ?
And you can still use card for crypto in EU, at least three exchanges offer this service namely: Skrill,Wirex,Revolut.

We just need to start buying and selling on the liquid exchange and forget all others. Liquid is regulated, so I just dont understand why people insist on buying from crappy unregulated exchanges like kucoin or craptopia.

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You could use TradeOgre as well. I buy a lot other coins there, you can’t find them anywhere else. All works flawlessly.


withdrawal fees in ETN:
tradeogre 1.5
cryptopia 5
Kucoin 50

Liquid does not charge fee for crypto withdrawals at the moment.

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Yeah ok, but really, 1.5 ETN is like nothing. :slight_smile:
Even 50.
I haven’t tried Liquid yet.

Kucoin 50 for withdrawal is a rip-off :rage:

50 x future price (e.g. 100$) = 5000$ is quite much :slight_smile:


Ah, yes. But at that point, if you have 1 million coins right now, you really wouldn’t care. :smiley: