Delays , add to this list!

  1. iOS
  2. HitBTC
  3. Big Partnership


iOS is because of Apple, not Electroneum.

Many many months back Richard showed Electroneum Mobile App running on his own Apple phone.

It’s Apples business model to deny open development on their customers products. They want to block competition.

Apple think your iPhone belongs to Apple long after you paid for it.

Choose Android phone if you want something resembling the freedom to choose what software you want to install when you next upgrade to a new phone.

In any case, Electroneum are moving to Cloud Mining which will bypass Apples closed architecture, as well as cater to users who only have mobile data and who would be reluctant to run app on limited data.

I’m all for praise or criticism in equal measure when it’s merited - but if you’re just going to open a thread without asking/enquiring (or offering any commentary), or doing 10 minutes research, then that’s just spreading FUD unfairly.


Promised advertising campaign in October !


It’s targeted advertising to woocomerce vendors that is supposed to have launched this month. Unless you fall into that demographic, you wouldn’t ever see it. So it may already be launched. :wink:


Actions speak louder than words. But when it comes to big exchanges money talks. ETN has many financial commitments already which allow it to operate and function efficiently enough to streamline its operations. Richard wants a productive platform to rollout and in order to do this his team must focus on the game plan which creates demand and support. Once ETN has started to market and people realize that progress is being made they will buyin to the project with the confidence ETN is trustworthy and reliable. This in turn will build a strong foundation for business development and futher the reputation of ETN as a legitimate enterprise and value will increase. Then when interest is booming and users are able to trust and benefit from using the currency the world will jump on board. Coinbase, and Binance may well be a hindrance to this progress if they are involved early on. We don’t need them as much as they will want us. Who needs miners dumping and bots slowing our progress, they create a negative impact and fudd is created. ETN needs to charge and break down a very bad reputation which has become ingrained within the Cryptocurrency space, we must be the shinning light and lead by example in order to recover lost ground because of dodgy exchanges and illegal activities used by lending platforms like bit"CON"nect, USI tech and Titanium. These barstards have brought broken promises they have lied and cheated good people. ETN will change all that and be a great example, this is what we need, not hitbtc, not binance and not coinbase. Let them come to us.


Hitbtc is totally Hitbtc’s fault.

And when you make Big deals its on their terms.
If you are a holder… just hodl and forget .

Ios? Well no comments on that


4th Quarter actually.


IOS is all on Apple and they are looking at options as we know.
HITBTC has been delaying time and again, bigger exchanges don’t necessarily mean instant increase, the market will determine that, we tend to move pretty quick on the back of good announcements with Kucoin & Cryptopia. If people are just buying ETN because it’s on Binance, then it may pump up but will also flatten again. If people can’t see that ETN will 5x, 10x or 50x over the next year or so and open an account on Cryptopia, then back luck to them. I would open an account anywhere if I thought I would get those returns.
As soon as my phone plan is up, I am getting an android.
Regarding advertising, we need everything working smoothly and being able to scale smoothly. KYC must be in place, so I think after November 12, we will see more advertising via Mobile Partners networks, we may not see much of it directly in Australia and England etc but more the target audience in Africa, India and South America where there are much more Unbanked.
Please remember this company is coming up 1 year old and is taking the world by storm. Look further then 2 months, think 5-10 years when market cap is 100 Billion (much like Bitcoin now) because of world wide adoption. Then you would be wishing you bought more under 2cents. That would make it about $11.00 per coin and you will have 550x your money. Potentially 2k will make you a millionaire, and we all know this can happen, just ask early Bitcoin adopters who are now multi millionaires.

  1. Adoption is the key, and the best way to share good news is in the way you appeal to the ambitious desire and needs of the few people who respect you and your ideas. I like to use the word “would” instead of “should” when I speak to someone, because it asks the person to consider what they think, then decide, it engages them, it doesn’t imply your telling them what to do. Your asking for opinion and preparing yourself to answer their next question. Let the conversation flow, listen and reassure with confidence.
  2. Hand them your mobile phone and ask them to look at the mobile app, preferably when your about to click over to 10 coins if they ask where it went show them briefly. I usually get asked if my amount is real, to which I reply yes ofcoarse. I then show them how to set up there own account and how to download the app, and I do this without intrusion and with the upmost respect. Then step aside and enjoy the ride, they will get more confident once they do research themselves and then when ready they will share within there network.
  3. You can carry 1 but you can’t carry 3, take your time and invest it in someone you know will appreciate your input.
    4 Reasearch, update, build your knowledge and prepare to moon.