Decentralized video sharing platforms


The major players in this market are BitChute, BitTube, and DTube. This space is definitely one to watch, as I think more and more people will migrate from YouTube over to these decentralized platforms because:

  1. being decentralized, they offer greater privacy and freedom of speech (no censorship)
  2. they are 100% ad free
  3. their business model rewards content creators far more generously, and having their own cryptocurrency integrated into the platform creates an ecosystem wherein revenue can circulate freely. Having tipping as a built-in feature allows content creators to be rewarded directly from their viewers rather than ad revenue; as such, they have the freedom to make the content they truly want to make instead of having to tailor-make content to be advertiser friendly. Furthermore, people are paid directly from the platform itself, rather than having to use a third party like Patreon to generate an income.

What do you folks think about the future of these video sharing platforms? It’s good to see there’s already healthy competition/rivalry developing in the space, and I think whichever one of these organisation truly makes their platform “for the people” will succeed and dominate the market.


These decentralised platforms are inevitable. The opportunities are there, people are finding them and figuring out solutions, and that’s seriously going to change the world :wink: