Debate why price up or down

Hi all,

Let’s debate about why price goes up or down? For me is all about supplys and demand, meaning the more people buys it price will go up meanwhile when sells more will goes down naturally.

ok, I don’t wants to build wall of text here… let’s shorten it what I try to bring out. I straight to the point, Electroneum from starting ICO till now… the only supplys and demand I sees is below;


  1. ICO (great 1 cent price that everyone hoping to buy and sells it for profit)
  2. attractive roadmap (great for investors to make long term investments as profits)
  3. trader

supply: (here is where there sells it)

  1. real mining
  2. mobile cloud mining (more like airdrop)
  3. merchant collection (eg, telco, dealer, online)
  4. ICO (sells for profits/lose)
  5. trader (sells for profit/lose)

let me know what did i missed on the list, like what i sees above… I don’t sees why makes me BUY ETN to use/keep unless I use to trade.

be frank, as a ICO hodler i don’t sees profit unless they sells it earlier (on that golden moment) IF for those who hodl till now is losing.

ok, bear with me for those read till here… I’m NOT complaining but I don’t sees the light on coming roadmap. perhaps u guys can tell me, anyone of u out there, DO U BUY ETN TO SPEND? just to spend, what makes u go to exchange for this ONE purpose? do u get what I mean? raise your hand for those who did.

here is the biggest reason why price doesn’t goes up, THERE IS NO DEMAND, simply as it is.

ok, if i type further, it wil be wall of text. i better end here and wait for u all to shoot me as I’m ready for it. remember, this is open debate, I’m not purposely coming in here just to rant but hopeful, yes hopefully Mr. Richard and team knows what happen, yeah hope there REALLY knows what happen.

and please, don’t come and reply me like below,
… give them time
… be patient
… nothing come instant
… fomo
… they knows what they doing
… it will moon, mars, jupiter, krypton, pluto, zennith
… bla bla bla…

infact let’s debate for solutions so that ETN team can acknowledge our debates. thanks for those who read mh broken English till here n hope for understanding.

IMO, I too get frustrated sometimes regarding the price. But I remember that it’s still basically the same price as last year.

The fundamental system is not yet completed and launched.

So I decided to wait until the company is fully launched before I go into these thoughts again.

The incentivize main stream of purchases will probably be via gigs IMO and thats why price is still irrelevant.

After that, investors will probably also see some potential trading options.

For now, I don’t think price is a valid discussion as the company is not yet fully launched so to speak.

Though I fully understand peoples concerns. I personally have big faith for absurd returns later on as the system is VERY disruptive and innovative and IT WILL benefit tons of people IMO :slight_smile:

*Not financial advise


when the gig site us up and if the average gig is 10k etn ($50) and 2.2 million gig workers are to be paid weekly then the demand is 22 billion etn weekly. as we don’t have 22bill etn (max is 21bill) the price of etn must rise so for example 9k etn must be worth $50.

I assume here that the gig worker is not paid till s/he delivers the work so 10k etn/worker is tied up i.e. can not be used for other payments for a week otherwise the same 10k etn could be used to pay more workers if the worker gets the payment right away and s/he buys food/services right away so the etn goes back to circulation.

if investors hold 10 billion etn then the price rise will happen faster as the supply depletes earlier


Price doesnt go up because of the market in general. Have a look at many many other alts and i know you can find only few that are gaining the price like you would wish ETN does.

And this coins are most probably pumped on the exchange that must not be named.

Once the market sentiment shifts we MIGHT see the true price for ETN.

This might not happent before BTC reaches ATH again so retail investors flow in and buy cheaper coins…

Just for example. VeChain partnered with Walmart… Price? Have a look


I was just flicking through the pages on TradeOrgre, almost everything is down - quite a few in double-digits and many down in the high single-digits.

We are certainly not alone in the downward spiral and fairing reasonably well compared to some. Although that said, not doing as well as others who dont have any use-case or realistic possibility of achieving their goals.


Totally agree with you. There is absolutely no demand for it. I believe the more countries that are rolled out promoting free ETN (via MM) and top ups, without gig fair being active or some other medium to increase demand, it’s only going to cause more supply and increased sell pressure in the exchanges. Which in turn is going to continue suppressing the price. And if I’m wrong, then fantastic because I’ve invested a ton in this project.


firstly i like to apologize for did not reply to each responses coz i can’t find the reply quote option in my mobile browser. nevertheless i have read all the responses, upcoming gigs marketing, as we all know we still not sure how they going to push out the word DEMAND for as i said before, end user BUY from (exchange) to purchase something they have promotes.

And about exchange price, most of it is down (all red) due to increase of BTC and alt will be sell of to get higher value of profits is normal i assume AND since someone (I’m sorry i forgot his name, my mobile hard to scroll up while I’m typing here, i apologize again) compared with other alts, here i bring out some alts that did good even at this BTC increase time, u may take a look at KSC(kucoin) and BNB(Binance coin). u may say they pumps it, oh u have to look at those volume, must be serious BIG HUMP WHALE only able to do it… forgive me, if u read newsletter or followup with their marketing information, u will sure find out how they did it without a serious big humping whale but a lot of investors/traders buy in to keep for sometime for profits due to given marketing campaigns that create DEMANDS, their campaigns allow u to buy in and keep coins to mint it for certain % of interest is one of the attractive approach, sometime when their partner is launching other new coins or campaign, they will needs to to buy in only their coin in order to get the new coin in exchange. U see, all this move will somehow creating momentum of buy in. I’m not asking Electroneum to follow the same BUT somehow must create this buy in motion sort of marketing or campaign to lure more investors to hodl their coin.

I’m very sure i will missed some responses due to my mini screen, allow me to apologies again.

again, and again I’m not complaining, I’m still hodling few hundred of them in faith (fading somehow). i seriously hope Electroneum marketing can create the momentum like what they did in ICO, they seriously did it very well until now their roadmap is only creating selling pressure. pls correct me and I’m seriously hope tht I’m wrong coz if I’m wrong then Electroneum should be doing good now and after and tht makes me happy as well.

thanks for all reading my wall of text, and I’m hapoy with all thw replies too coz u guys ddi take time to read my broken english. :joy:


I see many factors why the price is down (specifically for ETN and not bear market):

  • Fud
  • Paid fud (probably)
  • Trading bots
  • Too many noobs that haven’t a clue in how a business runs, constantly demanding updates and expects that in the business world, timelines are always met without hiccups!

I see Electroneum as a victim of its own success. Their marketing campaign during the ICO did so well that they attracted too many people that had no prior experience with crypto, or trading for that matter. So when the bear market came, many probably sold at a loss and gained hate towards the project.

There are some very obvious trolls on social media that are constantly spreading negative comments about Electroneum. Some of the comments are just downright stupid that its hard not to laugh at, but others are playing it more strategically and turn positive news into something negative. This no doubt has caused damage to Electroneums reputation, and I cannot see why anyone would go to all this effort bad mouthing a project, unless they are paid to.

Electroneum is a company that, first and foremost, focuses on mass adoption. They decide the best route for mass adoption and then find the technology to help them get there. I believe the 1% that are already in crypto see the technology as being most important, and how that technology can achieve mass adoption – which is why the 1% probably sees Electroneum as inferior to all the other crypto projects out there. There is nothing wrong with this, just my observation.

When will price go up?

Right now, there is hardly any trading volume on the exchanges which probably means there is little interest in this project (and at the back of my head, I can’t help but think the price of ETN is somehow being suppressed for some reason).

But, as I said in another post, we will (soon) no longer require the 1% to dictate the price of ETN.

A possible 20 countries live by end of 2019 and the launch of will bring real world usage for ETN. Coins will be purchased of exchanges to pay for gig workers as well as ETN received from airtime packages. This in itself will create demand (which I believe will outstrip supply) and that is when we no longer require speculators to dictate the price. All we require is patience.

On another note, RE mentioned that Chris Gorman is in talks with “monster” NGO’s to help with Gigfair in his latest interview with Crypto Rich. If this comes to fruition… well I leave the speculation to yourself😊 but I leave you with one of my speculations: If gigfair takes off, when will the institutions come on board?

All of this is entirely my opinion, but hopefully gives you some insight from a fellow ETN member.


well,I’m happy to receive all these replies at least. at the same time I’m amaze with u guys that having a great faith with ETN.

about the ICO part, i have to agree to ur point. However, the key points all u had mentioned is unavoidable… i have to say 1 key point which is the new to crypto groups of people (i assume u name them noob) is actually a beautiful things. it is matter how ETN needs to counter the issue with greater campaigns. yes, following roadmap is the main key BUT doing extra miles is always better, u agree? sigh, here goes my broken english wall of text, better stop here ends with, let it be history.

ok, new things is the gig campaign… u have mentioned some (I’m not sure, coz i still did not have much information to digest) company will needs to BUY (hell great, a demand trend) ETN from exchange to pay the gigs salary. And all not so sure company will joins in the campaign (no listing of it yet), perhaps i needs to dig in more info about this to clear out all the not so sure.

lastly, i seriously HOPE that ETN do extra miles NOT only ON TRACK but some off track too. that’s what is extra miles. so sack of everyone i assume.

finally, thanks again all replies. AND I’m greatful to have replies and u guys are my new made friends :+1:t2:


I think you need to remember that in any assets class you will only be able to make money when someone else can’t see there is opportunity and sell you the asset. With electroneum if you put your crypto Goggles on you will see a less attractive asset let me list them-
1)kyc - This is to the purist against what blockchain is created for
2)slow development- that’s equal to less hype which is how traditionally a cryptocurrency pump.
3) a CEO that openly said he can’t do anything about the price as it is against the law
4) a large reserve that is controlled by the company and get airdrop again this go back to point 1 and also it means a larger supply.

But does that mean etn is a poor investment?
I personally don’t believe so. That is because we are the people who can see what’s it is worth for the rest of the population on earth.
We need a real working product that can solve a problem. And for us to do this we need all of the above. For me adoption of gigfair depends on the usefulness of etn to the users’ everyday life and how well gigfair is adopted could make or break etn at least in the medium terms and I believe this is what will keep the money within the etn ecosystem and thus causing it to raise by demand.


Wether gigfair would take off depends on how we could market it so that the third world understands etn is real money. Otherwise they will simply just not use it. This is where Richard marketing background will come handy.


Re reading my previous post, my comment about “noobs” may have come across a bit harsh and my intention was not meant to be offensive to new people into crypto. It’s just frustrating to hear the company being blamed when they do not meet the expectations of its “investors”.

You are 100% correct in that it’s a wonderful thing Electroneum has attracted so many new people into crypto. I suppose that it’s been their aim to do this from the start.


You are absolutely correct. I believe electroneum has been focusing on this from the start so that the developing world has real use cases for etn (spending it on airtime / data and all the other vendors that accept etn).

I expect the other challenge is to get the developed world to be interested enough to buy the gigs, on a mass scale.


That to my view that is relatively easy. We are “small” innovative company with a “cutting edge” (the blockchain) technology that based in the uk (English speaking country) that helps the underserved(charity). When we take off the news agents will queue up to report it.


Hi familyguy,

sadly i like to point out 1 importants before i proceed further replying your comments. firstly i know and understand the 4 point u pointed out at the same time i do agreed on it.

reason for creating this topic is NOT to control/ask price up/down but is to hope for Electroneum create better campaigns aiming to create better demand rather than most are supplys. yet, u can say I’m blind because i can’t sees "WHO is BUYING from exchange " by converting their cash into ETN and spend it? perhaps u can tell the blind (me).

therefor, i truly understand even campaigns that aimed to create buying/demands cannot have 100% success BUT at least a try would be grateful. I guess I need to repeat what i said earlier, i only see ONE campaign that had created huge BUY/demand pressure which is ICO, after this so on the roadmap only creates supplys, please do point out which one of the before or coming campaign that creates demamds if i missed it.

however, i do thanks for your effort of reading/understanding my broken english, cheers

oh wait, after re-read. i kept seeing the word ecosystem… can someone explain what is eco systems? before i google it, from my understanding ecosystem is doing the circle of balance isn’t it? which mean what comes will goes n whay goes will come? if point out to crypto ecosystems means what we get, we must use it to spend and this repeated process will make it circling the ecosystem isn’t it? if is true means supplys and demands playing a good job to it?

now i talk about the telco topup airtime campaign, is a bit off topic but relates.

u see guys, please try to stand in their shoes as user. if i were user as them, here is what i usually do to top up my mobile

  1. pay cash/card (the fastest n only way for now)
  2. no other way better than above

SO now ETN has come with using ETN to top up, HOW do i get ETN to topup? answer: hi, is easy… all u need to do is below:

  1. apply any able for your country able to connect exchanges (any of it will do).
  2. use cash/card to convert them into crypto of any form but prefer ETN
  3. if not ETN what u get from converting, u need to trade them to ETN
  4. then transfer them to your ETN wallet
  5. then spend it to topup mobile!

look at the above, now u tell me… as a user will u BUY ETN to topup ur mobile? will u? honestly!

BUT ETN is giving FREE cloud mining and this will able to give free topup SO i will use it. AND OF COZ I WILL! *do u see it? this is supplys NOT DEMAND!

whay will they do after this campaign?

  1. they will use cash/card topup like usual
  2. this is NEW, they will cloud mining ETN at the same time, it’s free n hell yah.

so conclusion, user get free ETN and telco get BIG amt ETN AND sells it (here comes the supplys)

ok, before u reply… I’m not complaining! u see there is a lot NON crypto company is doing very good in my country by converting cash/card credits into digital money and let user spends it. see this is company that successfully creating the true ecosystem that balance the supply n demand.

now I’m the blind, u guys pls highlight to me how ETN provides the ecosystem… please i beg

You should go and watch all the Richard Ells interviews. There’s so much you would learn from them.

oh come on moonman, u really think i didn’t?

guys, all comments above, no one tells me that they buy etn to spend. if anyone did, the ecosystem of Richard tells awaken.

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