Davos 2019 - arguments to why Electroneum is on the right path

I was looking at this clip and was thoughout the whole clip saying to myself that Electroneum has a greater potential than most people even realize. I would like everyone to take 30 min of their sparetime to watch the clip then come up with ideas.

I have one idea after watching Singh talk about financial inclusion and the use of microtransactions and microloans as a means to generate wealth creation in third world countries. Here is one idea i had
So far Electroneum has been focused on bringing mass adoption through cell-phones. But here’s an idea. What if you could make small microtransaction loans through mobile carriers within the Electroneum app? I know there is some problems that needs to be elaborated and answered like “how can a micro transaction loan be backed by a security?” - but what if you put your cellphone as collateral and if you don’t pay it back you get blocked out of the mobile network until you pay the bill back?

only problem i see if what if you need to use your mobile network/data to pay your phone bill?