Date of Birth Range Incorrect


Hi Guys

Trying to upload a KYC document in my wallet, and I have a compulsory Date of Birth entry which has a year range spanning from 2013 to 2023.

I cannot enter the field manually or select my correct birth year.

Any suggestions?

Kind Regards

Problem again on the way

That’s pretty weird. Refresh page, change day and month first, and use scroll bar or arrow keys up and down on the drop-down. If none of that works it must be a new bug.


I’ve logged in from different PCs… Tried all of your suggestions. Still only allows those specific options. Unless Electroneum knows something I don’t, and I’m actually a rad time traveler born in the future, brought back to help Electroneum conquer the world, I’m little stumped :joy:

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:


If you are using Firefox you can right click on the dropdown and click “Inspect Element”. I used Facebook account creation for an example. This puts the info in a different format if you look at the bottom left of the image below.
This way you can be sure it’s a bug and not user-error. :slight_smile:


Heey @Rachel can you take a look at this problem? I think it’s an easy fix but i’ve seen more posts with the same problem :thinking:


Hi, I’ve passed it onto my development team.


Thank you @Rachel :+1:


I also faced the same issue after trying various approaches known to me, so went ahead to select any of the years in that column.
So if it’s a bug, can the team make allowance for some of us by using our details from our uploaded official documents (passport in my case) to rectify and approve our accounts?
If not, what will be the next step?


The development team have resolved this problem.
Items are displaying correctly now :slight_smile: Thanks