"Dark Mode" on the community forum

It will be nice to have Dark Mode here …
I noticed it mentioned in the forum advanced tutorial but I couldn’t find the option anywhere

I’m using “Dark Reader” extension for Google Chrome to surf the forum in Dark theme on Desktop … But it will be better to have an option implemented in the forum itself to use it also on Phones.

That’s how the forum looks like using “Dark Reader” extension … :black_heart:


Yeah good idea I second this, would be great for when they launch there community app :slight_smile:


This would be a great idea anyone know if this is getting any traction?

@lyoko That’s a very good idea! It would help people with
light sensitivity and night readers, without the use of any 3rd party apps. :+1:

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+1 this was the first thing I looked for after I exhausted the profile options area and gained “Autobiographer” just being thorough with the settings once-over. Thanks for the temporary fix. I hope it lasts, my love of bringing duct-tape and workaround, otherwise landfill-bound computers back to life and actually spending time on them does not mesh well with piling on the Chrome extensions. But its soooo pretty. Don’t get me wrong tho, I love ecru just as much as the next guy.

Hi guys! How are people finding the dark mode feature? Are there any changes you would like made to it?


I’ve been diggin’ it. Thanks! :+1:


I did that this morning. Are you seeing it now?

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