Custom theme / nicer design for this forum?

Whilst absolutely loving the idea of this community platform,
must admit that I find the appearance/design somewhat underwhelming.

I appreciate that because the forum is running on Discourse the design options are somewhat limited. Having said that it is possible to customise themes on Discourse—from creating a full theme to just incorporating some theme-components (see e.g. this topic on Discourse Meta)

For instance, it wouldn’t take too much work to align the theme/look here with the CSS styles of the main website with regard to the typography of the headings, etc. Topics could be spaced out in a visually more harmonious way (alternating row colours? etc.). And so on. Can’t help thinking that more of a consistency, as well as some relatively minor improvements would make for a better user experience overall.

Is there someone working on any design improvements (at least re: some CSS-tweeking) already or could this perhaps be looked into?

that’s a good idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s Great!!! :+1:

This is a good idea. I’ve been also wondering if the ETN team has someone onboard that is a GUI-developer. Design sells. If this page and the mobile app syncs according to the similar theme and design, it makes the whole product feel so much more well-put. It’s like comparing an high-end computer with a cheap one - its all in the details.

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i can only imagine a face lift will come over time. For now it works and its working great!

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