Cryptos aren't just about the price they're about the technology.Share your thoughts


Bitcoin’s falling and so are many of the cryptos.The perfect time to hear a lot of FUD and other shammy news.But we all know that Cryptos are here to stay and they’re price doesn’t judge the blockchain.The very same people who are FUDDing about cryptos are gonna come back crawling for cryptos when the global financial crisis takes place.Wait!the financial crisis isn’t coming it’s already here!!


Im right with you on this line of thought.
Many projects are submarines…imploding under the pressures.
Unfortunately a lot of investors are doing the same.
Fear not…the institutions hedged their funds out a long time ago as did many whales.
They shorted the market instinctively to buy back in lower.
They will be back with the force of a trillion squirrels.
As will the whales to feed on the endless blankets of krill that enter the market in search of their dreams.
Given time the cryptosphere will swell and prosper.
The new year brings with it a wind of change with regulatory frameworks being engineered by most every country on the planet.

Time and patience…
Its all on our side because we are early investors in the finest project in the space.
Electroneum brings hope and solutions to parts of the world still emerging from the darkness of war and corruption, poverty and greed.
For they are the unbanked, some still unphoned.
Freedom in equality will come to them soon enough and the Great Mooning will begin.
:heart: Onwards and Upwards :heart:


It is all price for me


There are two big forces at play in this market.

  1. The technology - this has only gotten better and will continue to get better in the future. This is the force no one can chart on a pretty graph which is where force 2 come in

  2. Human emotion - This can also be interpreted as “price”. Unfortunatley for the technology force, human emotion can be charted. As in any business, human emotion has nothing to do with actual progress because most progress isnt known until it is announced.

With that defined, the only reason to lose hope is if you see nothing about progress being reported over a long period of time. As long as you see a project being actively worked on in a productive manner, force 2 makes zero difference.

The problem with BTC is it isn’t really a project. It is a dectralized blockchain that no one owns that requires a set of volunteer groups to work on. This makes it much more influenced by force 2, thus the large swings. This is why I stick to projects with dedicated teams that are accountable and comply with law.

For me, there are only three that meet my investment criteria. ETN, TUBE and CS. I know those projects will survive this bear market as they are all fully funded and expanding their teams in these bad times. Not many can claim that.


It’s perfect, and I think it’s exactly what Electroneum is doing good technology and strong community


The Technology behind Crypto’s leave me fascinated. It is absolutely undeniable that even in a 60 year old’s lifetime, we will see literally everything going through a blockchain. Health records, banking, insurance services, food ingredients, criminal records… the list is absolutely endless!

Unfortunately that doesnt really benefit us any as Crypto Enthusiasts! Because i dont see the creators of these BC services using bitcoin or Etherium etc to be the BC of choice. I personally think that dedicated blockchains will be created and they will be a revolutionary new way to store information that cannot be edited (immutable)
This transparency in almost all applications seems positive use of the Technology.
I have my reservations however that Humans are can be very self destructive and greedy and especially the powers at be (Goverment etc) may try to overuse/overstep boundary’s with BC.

One such example that i can see happening if it is ever aloud is each of us being recorded on a BC with all our private Data being made available to agencies such as Inland Revenue and Customs where our bank accounts are linked and any payments sent/recieved are recorded and wage amounts noted and ultimately tax liabilities recorded. This is only 1 possible example of how BC can be abused and i hope we never have to worry about such an example being employed but the threat is very real.
You could argue that if you got nothing to hide then there is no problem, which is right of course but the underlying point i make is that i can give even more power to the very people that CC’s were setup to bypass in the first place.

This is my ONLY concern regarding the Technology. Other than this BC has a great future and we are the pioneers, in at ground level and if nothing else…we will be the old men and women having to explain to our middleaged kids what BC Technology is in the future. Im pretty sure that stuff is supposed to work the other way round where us old codgers require the help of the younger generation with how to work some new transformational technology. :smile:


Its about possibilities in the tech, not nesc the best tech in eyes of nerd…


Here is the thing. For those with patience and the vision cryptocurrency will grow and more importantly will change lives. We can not anticipate by how much yet because it is all still so new, with such a small percentage of people in the space. I completely agree with @Pahini and the sentiments from others that have left their thoughts on this forum. We are all at the beginning of something Epic that will have the power to enable us to change the world or at the very least how we live within the world. The days of banks being greedy and holding someone down are gone, and as a phoenix rises from the ashes, crypto space will for the first time, actually give people a chance to do many things they only previously dreamed. That is exciting and I am so proud that for once in my life I clued in to a good thing early in it’s development! Go ETN GO!!!

This community seriously rocks!!!


I don’t see any financial crisis anytime soon. In fact, I see 5-7 years of extended economic growth. This growth won’t be shared equally amongst nations around the world. Crypto will do extremely well for a variety of reasons. Anything under $5k BTC is good buying. ETN will climb next year.


Since we rock, i think this suits us!:metal: @Thunder


I wish I shared that sentiment but we have been in the longest bull run in history for the last 10 years with the traditional markets reaching new all time highs twice in 2018. The markets always correct every 8-10 years, so we are going into over due territory. The math says we should see a recession very very soon, if it hasnt already started with the markets faltering the last couple months. We are not used to seeing the traditional markets move like the crypto market, yet they have been more volatile latetly…which is saying something.

We are definately due and the next eecession will be more than a normal one. The markets have been extrwmwly overflated much like crypto got at the beginning of the year. If we get a death cross in the coming weeks as it looks like we might, we could see losses of 48-50% in the DOW alone…much like we saw in 2015, but I don’t see us recovering as quickly. Borrowed money year after year will eventually catch up with the market.

Excuse any typos as I typed all this on my small phone keyboard


Yeah we will have to agree to disagree on this one.
We have already been in a bear market since Jan 18.
Emerging markets are now cheap.
The US economy is booming, capital investment, supply side reforms (esp energy), consumption, confidence, real wage growth and so set to continue for a protracted cycle.
Debt and zero real rates not an issue. Also lack of inflation.
EBITDA debt/interest cover will mean some firms get rerated downwards.
17 Transformative industries at one time - blockchain one of them! Crypto outlook long term excellent but volatility high


Yes, we will have to agree to disagree because we have not been in a bear market since Jan 18. We actually hit a new all time high on October 18th forming a double top, which is why we are now falling and will continue to do so. One thing I have learned being in the markets and charting is you can’t believe what to see in the news. The market is not nearly as strong as you believe. But, I am happy to disagree as that is part of how markets are made. One thing is for sure though, crypto is looking good moving forward.


I know the Australian finacial sector is in free fall.
Our government is at war with itself.
So glad im hedged in crypto.
Especially one with solid Governance.
I’ll take my chances with Electroneum any day over others that clearly have indecision amongst management.
Therefore rocky sentiment amongst the shareholders.
AMP is a great example.
No amount of price nor technology could save it because it was rotten from the inside.


Time will tell who is right. Happy investing.


I want to stress that I’m not being condescending when I say this, but if a professional investor came to this thread, they would most likely think, “These people sound like pro’s, with informed oppinions”. Some other threads…meh.


Santa doesn’t leave price tags.


Dear Mr. Professors, please give him a bit of education. I think you would do a better job than me. Thank you


Heck,I’m just a 15 year old kid who started this thread.


Teenage prodigy :wink: 20 squirrels