Cryptopia update BTC deposits and withdrawals back online


Finally those idiots managed to get something working. I just sold my etn to get btc and moved it out. Goodbye to those dickheads. The price was a little low but rather just get it out of there.



They wouldn’t reset my 2fa without a list of information as long as my arm…lol

Good bye I say…

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yeah its hopeless. Best to move on .

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come to liquid!!! one of the best out there:)



definitely and I like Kucoin too - great service and professionally run. Not run by sheep farmers…

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Where is the problem really? I did reset mine yesterday. Send selfie with passport… And thats it…

You write them email… 5min later you get a response. Cant get better than that… If you dont like safety then i dont know…

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I’m not complaining about the safety at all…

I was complaining about the fact they couldn’t help me because I didn’t have ALL of the information they requested.

I like cryptopia it’s a good exchange. But when they got hacked that was it for me

Each to their own.

They wouldn’t do the same for me . I have no idea why not do I intend to continue using them.

Their loss not mine.

As with all texts wording can always be read wrongly
I was being sarcastic, no malice towards cryptopia.




Oh sorry… I thought you wrote that for liquid :slight_smile:

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No liquids great …

Same as huobi … awesome