Cryptopia problems

I have some ETN coins on the Exchange Cryptopia. So far I haven’t heard about ETN coins being stolen. I have secured my online wallet by 2FA on Cryptopia.

Is it necessary to also hack this 2FA before getting the coins in my wallet or does it work different by the type of hack occurred on the Cryptopia Exchange?

User 2FA does not matter in this type of hack.

So far only ERC20 type tokens been reported missing. ERC20 tokens are issued on Ethereum blockchain. No report of Cryptonight tokens being taken. Cryptonight is Electroneum’s algorithm.


I have 1.1million ETN sitting in Cryptopia. Way too much for me to afford to lose, so everything crossed its just ETH, and the site will become accessible again soon.

That really sucks. It isn’t the first time that Cryptopia locked down accounts. I remember two specific times in the past also. It’s actually a nice exchange to use, but best to get the majority out of there when possible!

How come you had so much on the exchange. Were you going to trade it?

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UPPtopia Report: Uppsala Security Team Investigates Cryptopia Hack:

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