Cryptopia issue?


I have my ETN coins in Cryptopia Exchange account.
Is there any chance of getting my coins back?


It’s possible. Mount Gox was hacked ages ago and people are getting their BTC back now.


by the time we get them back we will be millionaires lol…forced investing haha


So the hack is a blessing in disguise


It culd turn out well. The guy who bought btc at 3 bucks and wouldve sold at 100 thinking he was a boss but is instead getting back a $3400 btc years later after he thought hope was lost(mt. Gox). Talk about Hodl.


You will just have to be patient and wait to see what develops.
I feel your pain.
This is a topic on the same subject with another name.
The team has already stated that we will be informed of any new developments.
I wish you well.