Cryptopia is down?


So cryptopia said that the ETN wallet it is under maintenance awaiting updates from the ETN team. Did I miss an update announcement or something?


Wallets been down for a day or so. Should be back up shortly. No announcement was made that i saw.


You can deposit now with btc in cryptopia but you can’t deposit/withdraw your ETN.


yeah! me also the same.
ETN wallet is not working in Cryptopia.
unable to deposit!
I created ticket but have no solution more than 2 weeks.


Same! PLEASE the ETN team! Do something about it . Don’t wanna leave my coins on an exchange!


The last time this happened to me someone converted my ETN back to bitcoin and cleared out my account. Cryptopia did nothing about it except let me know the person was in Bulgaria.


You have security on there now right like google Authenticator code


I switched to Kucoin, and Liquid. I did add the a google authenticator. Thanks for the information.


Just picked up another 14500 ETN on Kucoin. Got some ETN stuck on Craptopia so didn’t want to leave to much there. I guess quite a few of us are in that situation. Got a slightly better price on Kucoin anyways. Go ETN Club!