Cryptopia is Back!


also bear in mind the statement on their website - calculating rebates? That implies money will be sent to users rather than we just have our tokens back? They are the dumbest fks I have ever seen in crypto. Maybe they have insurance and the company is going to payout on loses? The fact that they have told us nothing is beyond reason. It implies some kind of cover up - no transparency on this at all. They screwed up and are doing their best not to admit it or perhaps they invite law suits…


I’ll ask again because I don’t think you saw my questions:

Do I disable all 3 authenticators on Cryptopia?

How do I remove the authenticator from my phone? (I have 2 other exchanges with authenticators and they and Cryptopia show on one screen.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


I started by removing the Security Setting 2FA, waited 1 min for a fresh 2FA 6 digit code and removed the Login etc (6 in total). In the end I changed my password, logged out and in again.

I was greeted with the possibility to add a fresh 2FA to ALL my Security Settings in one go. Deleted the old Cryptopia key in phone Google Authenticator app and added/scanned the new QR code

Do NOT remove your old cryptopia key from google authenticator app before all old 2FA are removed from cryptopia


Thank you so much, RSKNOR.
I will try it.
I hope I don’t make a mistake.


Thats great to hear :slight_smile: congrats!

Now don’t dump it on Kucoin ;)lol #HODL


Same, the 0.04 ETN I left 14 months ago were still there. :yum:
Good to see the ETN community hasn’t lost a single coin.


It wasn’t advice Colin, Mulder said he logged in with his previous 2fa without a problem or any promt to change it. Changing however is recommended for sure…



It was advice, and it said do NOT change password or 2FA. He edited the post however and now it doesnt say this


No he did not edit the post. It still reads as it always has, unless his edit was so fast that an edit icon didn’t appear, either way your reply was to the post as it still appears.


Your right it wasnt edited i just checked and the original post is still there saying no need to change passwords or 2FA.

… which is terrible advice for people reading it, and i stand by that. Sometimes there is no helping people it seems. By not changing your password and / or 2FA on an exchange that specifies they are opening the site up in read only mode specifically for people to change details.

My post wasn’t meant to contradict or intervene in the converstaion between you both, it was meant as a red flag for potentially the other 5000 people who use this forum and i want to make it clear that what moulder said should not influence what they do.


Lol when I logged on there was no need to change the password, meaning there was no prompt or forced requirement to do so. What other people do is up to them but as some one who worked once in IT we had the ability to force a password change if it was required. They didn’t do that so clearly it was a personal choice to do so in this case. Anyways it’s pretty clear cryptopia are morons at this point . Peoples passwords and 2fa weren’t compromised anyway.


As for crapland, take when you can and run…