Cryptopia is Back!

My Electroneum is all there.
I couldn’t be happier! :smiley:


Not quite, not yet…


Oh Dear! I’m not on Twitter so I didn’t see the message you posted until now. Thanks for posting it.
I guess I’ll have to reset my passwords, etc. I wonder why Cryptopia didn’t send a message to all its users?

Guess, they are not quite “there” yet… So we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer…

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When Will it Open for trading or transfer again, ? What is the latest news? And dates…

Keep an eye on their Twitter.

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Please post their Twitter again when they are open, Peter.
Thank you.

I went to Cryptopia and changed my password.

Do you think it’s necessary to go to Google Authenticator and go through the trouble of re-doing that whole thing? Is that what they mean by resetting 2FA Credentials?

That was not an easy thing to do the first time. I’d hate to have to do it again.

Okay, I will. Sigh!
Thank you for the advice.

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I logged on fine no need to change password or 2fa and no prompts to do so

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You said change password and 2FA as soon as you log in. There’s no place that says how to change your 2FA. Can you change it on Cryptopia or do you have to go to Google Authenticator and start all over from scratch?

No, you can access and change it in cryptopia’s Settings / Security

Yes, I saw that. I changed the password there.
But how do you change the authenticator?

Disable google authenticator in cryptopia. Then remove cryptopia from your google 2fa app. Then re-enable 2fa in cryptopia and scan the QR code that should appear.

WOW! I’ll give it a shot. A lot of things to do for a Grandmother who doesn’t understand all this stuff too well.

Do I disable the authenticator in all 3 places?

I understand them saying this but it wasn’t our accounts that were compromised. They got the private keys to the wallets to take the funds. I know its standard measure to change but it’s really not necessary unless maybe you were someone who lost funds. Cryptopia sucks with their PR and has told us nothing about anything - their lack of information is really pathetic. I am just waiting to get out of that exchange and do business elsewhere. They haven’t even emailed their customers but relied on a twitter feed that tons of people don’t access. To say they are a bunch of idiots is an understatement. Also, I wasn’t giving anyone advice just stating the facts that I received no prompts to change password - they didn’t reset anyone’s accounts which they could have done.

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Did you say remove Cryptopia 2FA from my phone?
How do I do that?

I totally agree with literally everything you just said. But when it comes to account security, never fk about.

No news has been reliably released as to what happened in regards to the “hack” even if cryptopia didnt ask for people change passwords and 2FA, it would still be silly not too. But considdering they did open up in read only prompting people to change details it would be your own fault should you then loose your coins adter the site reopens.

But yeah cryptopia is the worst exchange ive ever met for getting stuff done. They had ETN in maintenance mode for over a month when it took other far smaller exchanges hours to fix

also bear in mind the statement on their website - calculating rebates? That implies money will be sent to users rather than we just have our tokens back? They are the dumbest fks I have ever seen in crypto. Maybe they have insurance and the company is going to payout on loses? The fact that they have told us nothing is beyond reason. It implies some kind of cover up - no transparency on this at all. They screwed up and are doing their best not to admit it or perhaps they invite law suits…

I’ll ask again because I don’t think you saw my questions:

Do I disable all 3 authenticators on Cryptopia?

How do I remove the authenticator from my phone? (I have 2 other exchanges with authenticators and they and Cryptopia show on one screen.

Thank you for any help you can give me.