Cryptopia: investigation over, given green light to re-open


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I hope they net everyone with an even loss. I have assets (not ethereum) on Cryptopia, and I would much prefer to give some of that up so people who lost everything aren’t hit as hard, than find out that people lost their entire life savings from this.




IF they actually reopen and IF you still have funds when they do…get your coins and run…run as fast and far away as possible. (Not financial advice) :slight_smile:



Yeah with the inevitability of mass withdrawals from the user base it’s predictable that there will be a tight withdrawal limit for some time.



Get your etn back people !!!

Gonna be a bank run on that place…



It doesn’t seem likely they will be able to take funds from those not affected to cover the losses of those that were. I think they will eventually open and allow people to log on and retrieve what they have. They have a lot of single projects listed so those might have to keep operating on that exchange as they have nowhere else to go. I think they will keep going but lose a lot of customers for a while anyway.



The only way they survive if they reopen is to make a statement that all lost funds will be paid back in full over time using revenue they make via transaction fees, coin listing fees, etc…and even then, they have a long road ahead.



yeah you never know they might have 22 million nzd in the bank and cover it all. Who knows how liquid they are …

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I suppose if Mt. Gox 2.0 is on the table, anything is possible.

Speaking of which, if you lost funds on Mt. Gox all those years ago, you now have a chance to retrieve those funds: