Cryptopia - How to withdraw Electroneum

How to withdraw Electroneum from Cryptopia

Step 1: Go to and login.

Step 2: Once you login, click image next to your account name in the top right corner.


Step 3: Click on Withdraw.


:warning: Step 4: Select Electroneum as your coin from the drop down menu. Be very careful that you do not deposit any other coin but the one you have selected from the drop down menu.


Step 5: Enter the amount to withdraw


Step 6: Enter your Electroneum address. Payment ID is optional if withdrawing from exchange. If you need to learn about payment id, visit


Step 6: Click Next

Step 7: Confirm withdrawal via e-mail sent by Cryptopia


Nice little post to help anyone new with Cryptopia and withdrawing funds in general.

One important point you might want to add to your How-to is about limits on fund withdrawals.

This might be handy to know in advance incase people need to start withdrawing a day or two early.

Also be aware of fund withdrawing fees :weary:

can you do a how to for liquid also? will help us not so tech savvy!

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Sure thing! Will attempt to write you one today :slight_smile:

Great work once again @cuddlesquid keep up the good work :blush::+1:

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i withdraw electroneum from cryptopia to the web wallet and it has been a day and it wont appear on my web wallet

Check and see if Cryptopia generated a TransactionID for sent out Electroneum. You can find TransactionID for a particular transaction on Withdraw History page ( If TransactionID has been generated, that means Cryptopia should have sent out Electroneum to the blockchain. Also double check the address you used to send out Electroneum.

You may need to export Withdraw History into a PDF to view entire details.

If you are still having issues, you may have to contact Cryptopia support or perhaps even raise a support ticket with Electroneum if Cryptopia tells you that they have no issues on their end.

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I use Cryptopia all the time and you did a great job on this! Kudos to you!

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