Cryptopia hack - ETN


See below the way Mothership is dealing with the Cryptopia hack. How about the ETN holders who have ETN on the Cryptopia exchange?



@ETNCEO May we know any plan/s from ETN Team? Hope to hear from the Team the soonest.

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Hi I have the same concern’s and This topic should be on top of ETN teams list. is anyone able to help verify if funds are still in the cryptopia wallets? just couple weeks prior to the hack i have sent 100 ETN from cryptopia to Eletroneum. com wallet and not sure how to trace back the wallet address to cryptopia.
Does anyone have any suggestions?



Check your wallet balance. If you sent them prior to the hack you should be ok.



Hi. This an issue with Cryptopia; not Electroneum. You will need to check Cryptopia’s social media for updates regarding this.



hi thanks for your replay , i did receive the 100ETN i sent, but i was asking if it possible to verify, based on that 100etn transaction, the current balance on the wallet at cryptopia since there is still 300K more left in .my wallet there?



Ok, That is more clear. Unfortunately in this case there is not. Cryptopia had control of the keys. From what I have read they lost control of the keys for their eth and tokens that run on the eth chain. It is unclear what may have happened to the many other coins traded on their site. Maybe you will get lucky and the coins are still there. Obviously going forward you will help spread the word about never storing coins on any exchange more than as absolutely needed.
I would expect the majority of people holding coins on cryptopia will pull their coins out as soon as they get access. Not sure if cryptopia will survive that. If they find a way to make everyone whole in a short term basis then maybe they will. All a lot of ifs here. Good luck.



We constantly remind people not to leave their ETN on an exchange, and to move it straight away to their online or offline wallet.



Truthfully, It was one of the first things I read as I was entering the crypto space just about a year ago. I read about the multiple times that major exchanges got hacked and went belly up and people lost their coins. Also some did exit scams where they halted trading and just kept everyone’s coins. I know it is not news to you @Rach but it must be said. Meaningful regulation is coming to this space for these and other reasons. ETN is way ahead of the curve on this. That is a good thing.



Is there anyone that can vouch for Mothership and this project? Thanks



Why should electroneum waste time coming up with a plan to deal with a hack that was 100% entirely craptopias fault. No thanks, I would much rather electroneum prepare for the upcoming MWC 19 and continue growing their fintech business.



Maybe there was a possibility for Electroneum to get in contact with Cryptopia to find out if ETN is also involved in this hack because of the long relationship Electroneum has with the Exchange Cryptopia. And YES the MWC on the 19th is more important but I know there are a lot of ETN holders victim of this hack.

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thanks everyone, i am not blaming ETN or anyone, i was just asking if its possible to confirm the balance of the etn wallets at cryptopia, seems its not, that’s all , lesson learned.

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Exclusive! Cryptopia Hack Updates from New Zealand Police

not much news about etn but here it is anyway



I think it will be another week or so once the cops leave the place and gather all the information they want I think they will reopen and let people get their coins out and close their accounts.



I don’t think there is much that Cryptopia can say regardless until the investigation ceases.



Based on my recollection Cryptopia had over 10% of ETN supply stored according to their distribution chart. It was a favorite exchange for many thousands of ETN users. I know that so many people are affected by this event and I hope that things will get resolved soon. :heart:

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Have you read the Mothership annoucement ??

" In direct reaction to the 32 million MSP affected, Mothership has decided to carry out a token swap. Those who are in possession of their tokens will be able to simply exchange their MSP. And those who have suffered from the Cryptopia incident will be able to go through a claim process and reclaim their MSP. "

Thats called taking care of their community !!!

The response were getting from you guys is its not our problem buzz off and go to cryptopia , just totally looking the other way , by using the convenient we told you not to keep it on exchanges mantra !!! thats really bad PR , if you really cared about this community that has gone out of its way for you is to do the same as mothership and refund people what they lost by doing a similar tokenswap !



Caring for the community…:+1:

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We do NOT have access to Cryptopia’s ETN wallet, so we cannot comment on whether ETN has been taken or not. We consistently remind our users not to keep their ETN on an exchange; but on the online/offline wallet. I apologise that I cannot give you more information, but Cryptopia will be more suited to answer these questions. The ETN you leave on an exchange is left at its own risk, and we will not reimburse loses.