Cryptopia exchange problem?


Any idea if other people are having a problem depositing/withdrawing their ETN from cryptopia in particular? I ask because other people have been able to do it. I’m aware that the exchange had a patch a few days ago but I’ve been having this problem for 3 days now. Any thoughts?


As far as i know they are still busy with it @Shadow everyone has this problem that ETN is still in maintenance i hope they will end it soon and put the ETN wallet back online again :thinking:


I got the same problem from 10d ago. And now also for withdrawals


Seems to be for the big volumes of transactions


Withdrawals and trading is live and working.

Deposits have been down since the 26th. Cryptopia reported they would be live early this week but then updated to say it was taking longer.

No update from them since the 3rd.

Hopefully wont be too long. A lot of people waiting for their coins to be credited to their account.


Withdrawals work? Weird, I get the message for both deposit and withdraws. Idk, hopefully they do fix it soon. I trust my wallet more for security. Paranoia with my ETN because I know what it’ll he worth :joy:


Deposits are now live on cryptopia apparently :slight_smile:


Now is available again


Well, deposits were open for about 8 hours, but are disabled again now. There is currently no maintenance message, but if you try to deposit, it says disabled.


:point_up: :+1: agreed same here withdrawal seems ok , but deposits are still offline.

Hopefully they are speeding things up .


I saw that they changed their design, so maybe they are changing something else too.


Im glad that everything seems to be working again finnaly :blush:


mine too… both in maintenance mode


Deposits still not working…