Cryptopia Class Action

I have 600K ETN that will likely be lost to the liquidators. If anyone has information on the Class Action suit thats being talked about, please post here. Im not going down without a fight! Nor should anyone! Those are our ETN coins! I believe in this project strongly! I want my coins back. If not I will give em hell! All 600K worth!

Also its not Richards job to get our coins back. Its ours! So get in touch with the liquidators. Hopefully things might go our way!

read this one about what is happening


is there any more rumours about buyout?
I found this one:

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doesn’t say anything about getting coins back for sure. The number one aim is for the liquidators to pay off the companies debts first. How will they do that? by selling our coins off! then the liquidators pay themselves and whatever is left we might get back.

Do you think the customers coins are company assets to sell? We probably need to seek some legal advice here. The company stopped trading as they had no money to continue the business but I am not sure they can take the customers coins as if they are their own to sell.


If the rumour is true about CZ being interested in buying Cryptopia, that would be an absolute god send! And everyone who has coins on there should probably be hoping and praying that this pans out.

CZ would not be interested in buying an exchange that left the owners of the coins with nothing, he aint that type of guy IMO. I mean why would he want something that in the eyes of his very faithful customers ripped people off, destroying his hard to come by good reputation…especially when it would be better for him to just start up a new exchange with a clean bill of health.

If he takes on Cryptopia it will be to benefit everyone or not at all.