Cryptopia being liquidated

I have similar problems - I can answer the details about when I first joined Cryptopia, I have the original email from that still - but my exact balance I can’t tell beyond the nearest 1000 ETN, and my last withdrawal I don’t have the transaction ID from. I was hoping to get it from my Electroneum account login, but that has been pending level 3 validation for ages, and I can’t see anything on it…

My sister (who has about a million ETN locked up in Cryptopia :frowning: has it harder, she never made any withdrawals and only did one deposit, which she may have difficulty in finding the transaction ID for… :frowning:

yeah that’s brutal. I went back on the zendesk portal and the submit button was active again so i logged a job to unlock my account. Not sure i can input any information though so who knows if i can get back the coins. Sending in photo id should be enough - 2fa was never compromised so people should still be able to use that to log onto their accounts to get the coins back. over 100 million usd on that exchange - who will get it back…

I don’t think I am going to bother. I only had an asset on there that isnt worth much anymore. Not worth the trouble going through KYC to get $20 worth of something I have little hope for in the future

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New update from the liquidator

I finally got an email today saying my account is now approved for the next stage. I had to open a support ticket and its been 2-3 months. The instruction now is nothing to do but wait while they figure out how they are going to send back coins. I guess at least they are finally getting the support tickets cleared…I failed the initial account process as i didn’t have the information and sent in my photo id and a few emails that i did have and that turned out to be enough .

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