Cryptopia - Anyone with the same problem?

Hi, I sent some ETN to my wallet at Cryptopia 9 days ago, (when the deposit wallet in Cryptopia had just been opened) and it never showed up despite the transaction being confirmed by Electroneum tech support. Cryptopia tech support first off were unhelpful but now say they can see the transaction and they have passed it to there tech support to resolve. It has been 6 days since the last update.

Is anyone else in this position and do I have no alternative but to sit tight and wait for them to resolve… how ever long this takes?

I stopped using Cryptopia for several reasons:

  1. Lack of good support
  2. A lot of maintenance on the ETN deposit/withdraw function
  3. High transaction fees


This has now been resolved and my ETN are back, safely in my wallet. Shame it took so long but obviously pleased it has been sorted. In fairness, this is the first and only problem I have encountered with Cryptopia in almost a year of using them.

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I was using Cryptopia too at first, because it had the largest volume of ETN traded there, but that wasn’t a correct way to judge it.
Since then, I switched to the tiny exchange TradeOgre and never looked back.
Very small fees and all works flawlessly.
Plus you have other ‘‘no-name’’ coins which you can’t buy anywhere else.
And if you happen to experience an issue with your transaction, if you go to their Twitter page, they respond on the spot.

A million thumbs up TradeOgre!

You very wrong on high transaction fees… Topia is the lowest fee out there for etn…

Actually TradeOgre has it, at 1.2 ETN, but the 5 ETN on Cryptopia are not that much either. At this price point of course. When ETN will be worth $100 a pop, then it’s a different thing.
Although, I imagine that if this happens, we won’t be bothered paying $500 per withdrawal. :smiley:

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Cryptopia 5 ETN per transaction…that’s a lot!

not per transaction but per withdrawal. on kucoin 50 ETN/ withdrawal. on liquid zero ETN/withdrawal

If 5 etn for you is a lot… Then what more if 50 etn on kucoin

KuCoin, no so bad… :thinking:


So TradeOgre is incognito?

I guess that table above is for trading fees not for withdrawal fees.

Withdrawal fee

Crypto withdrawals

Liquid does not charge fee for crypto withdrawals at the moment.