Cryptomate disables etn

Any idea why they took this move?


That’s a shame was very convenient. GBP to ETN

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They probably realized that they don’t deserve to trade ETN.
In any case, $1000 of trade is nothing.

Yea I was going to use it again. But I guess Igor got pissed off when I ordered some and it doubled in price after a couple of days.

Too vebitcoin is out of service its due to low volume…

I don’t think that figure is accurate. I can’t be the only one buying there.

If you look at the other volumes on different exchanges, you see that Cryptomate is actually pointless.

It’s not pointless because it serves a different purpose from other exchanges and works in a different way. It’s basically peer to peer via an escrow service for fiat payment via bank transfer (though I don’t know if sellers are simply the people who run the company as they say you can only sign up to buy and not to sell).

I suppose the solution for people who want to use this means of funding is buy another coin there and send to an exchange and swap it for ETN?

ETA: I see that ETN is not the only coin they have disabled, perhaps it’s just an issue with whichever exchange they use for purchasing certain coins.

Ok, but I want to see some volume, especially now, when ETN volume has increased by 20 fold in its peak, as compared to several days before.

I’ve used cryptomate on several occasions to purchase ETN AS I find it really easy and quick to use.
I very often see other coins such as tron and zcash are disabled for a period of time from a few hours to a couple of days.
I can only assume that at the time there are no vendors with any of that particular coin to sell. Probably have dumped on an exchange or simply have not mined enough to sell yet.
Rest assured we will see ETN up for sale on the website sometime soon.

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Volume increased on Cryptomate like it did everywhere else, but it’s never going to be as big as most exchanges because it’s for UK customers only.

I assumed that they just buy the coins from an exchange when they receive an order, then add on a mark up and transfer to the buyer, but could be wrong on that.

Yeah, but still…
Given the fact that the UK is a wealthy country, $1000 is like pennies.

There are withdrawal problems on some exchanges right now, so that’s probably why Cryptomate have stopped. They can’t sell them if they can’t buy them.

A lot of people won’t want to pay the higher fees when they can buy from an exchange instead.

Is it Not because of the bug that Monero found…???


Maybe yes but nobady knows…