Cryptocurrencies downfall


What about the vertical fall of alla crypto in this week, and ETN is the only one to keep its price?


yeah really impressed with a massive injection of capital into ETN and price holding steady as people see the value in the investment. Just got a bunch more this week myself as the price seems to be pretty stable now and more big announcements are coming soon so probably good to get ready for the next wave.







Sorry. I’m italian and corrects automatically what i write, sometimes. I would write ALL


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I think may be the best moment to buy some little sum of ETN. Do u think the same?


All good fun , there is not one person on the planet who has not made an idiot out of themselves because of autocorrect hahahahahaha


Yeah get it while it’s this cheap , that’s what everyone is saying . Don’t spend too much don’t fomo …
Keep it within your means ( only buy what you can afford to lose , it’s all a gamble so be careful )


Yes, i think the best way is to spend a small amount of €// as 10€/. It means more than 500 units that could be a big win next year. Who knows. But nobody become a clochard with that sum. I’ve bought 10€ of Lites and waiting the price goes up and buy ETN later.


Great :+1: better to buy small and different coins , of etn goes to the moon as they say , our few coins could be worth a new car !!

And your English is great !!!


Yeah for sure I just got another 60k. This buying opportunity won’t last long. I still think ETN and crypto in general has another couple of years to really take off but you can see it is starting now and ETN looks like being a leader in this field now. My other project is ARK and this one will also be huge but I see it more 2-3 years from now.


Ahhaahhaha thanks. Better than most italian, for sure :joy::joy::joy:


The problem is that lots of cryptos are born in this 2-3 years, and if there isn’t a great project it’s hard to come out. I mean, there are about 200 cryptos but I think most of them, without a serious project behind, will be absorbed by btc or ETH in the future. ETN looks like to be one of the top 10 in 2-3 years, i suppose


I wonder about the Ethereum network. It can barely handle the transactions now and all the ERC tokens run on it so it could easily all fall over if adoption is too high. That’s why i like ARK with its scaleabitlity and bridge chains and ACES . It has the potential to be the backbone of all cryptos in the future.


Honestly i don’t know too much about. I’ll read about it soon, considering that I know it only by name