CRYPTOCOFFE Trial @ Starbucks 🍮


Hello everyone :blush:, this is something something I’ve been planning to do with CryptoCurrency for a long time now, that the mobile Instant Payment system that Electroneum released has finally made possible. :clap:

In a way, I’m willing to to be the “Pizza Guy” for ETN.
I’m working on a multi pincered campaign to get Joe public walking in off the street and buying coffee at Starbucks.

I have a short term plan for a workaround solution that will have people discreetly buying coffee at starbucks without requiring any initial support or participation from starbucks themselves.

And also running in parallel, a long term plan to work towards incentivizing Starbucks themselves to dip their toes in the water.

Both plans run in parallel, supporting and complimenting each other.
Initially before any of the plans really start, as a prologue I will be buying coffee at the starbucks I intend to hold this trial at, and tipping the staff with £5 worth printed Electroneum foldable wallets like this

With an introduction to Electroneum, how its value is increasing, some web links to news articles, ect, and instructions on how to install Electroneum on your phone printed on the other side of the A4 sheet.

All this in order to prepare them for receiving tips from customers in the later on, as will prove important for the long term adoption plan.
The short term grassroots level plan involves me, and volunteers paid in ETN acting as an abstraction layer between the customers and Starbucks, Similar to how Drivers bridge the gap between Software and Hardware.

And initially to kickstart things We will have a stand outside offering free coffee at starbucks, where people who are interested in free coffee can be guided on how to install electroneum on their phones, then receive £10 worth of ETN to be used to buy their coffee at the nearby starbucks.

£10 in ETN will importantly leave them change left over in ETN from buying a coffee…

And it’s easy enough to mention to them that they can tip the staff in ETN…
Perhaps even enter them into a raffle to win prizes if they ask to tip the Starbucks staff with their etn change…

All of this, as the backer for this campaign I will foot the bill for.

The spin off effects from this short term plan will prepare the ground for the long term plan, as mentioned earlier.

For example because of the initial groundwork in preparing the staff to accept ETN tips, the staff will be ready to accept the ETN tips from the customers of the trial.

“once the customers keep asking to tip in Electroneum then it shows the staff and manager that their customers consider it money. If the staff consider it money you are one step closer to getting it accepted by the store without having to sales pitch them.”

“The concept is if people/customers consider it money and employees consider it money, what is there left to sell the business owner on? Very little because it’s money.”

And then the other side of the pincer closes in, in the form of this community Petition letter, signed by and sent in by as many people as we can muster

I’m now doing the groundwork to get this ball rolling, one way or another I’m getting this done. If you hold ETN and you want to pitch in, hit us up with all your Ideas and lets weave them together into this master plan.
Here’s a good thread based of some of the ideas discussed here: “Just tip one person” in Electroneum campaign 🍕
Easy little things that anyone and everyone can do easily to help raise the underlying value of their coin, and when everyone does them they have a BIG effect.
And since you’ve managed to grind though all that, I’ll offer some light comic relief as compensation…

This Duck represents Electroneum, Looking innocent and unremarkable amongst the other surrounding Cryptocurrencies…
When the duck swallows the PCB, that’s the Instant payments news dropping.

At the moment we’re at about the point where the ducks neck sparks… Things have barely begun to happen…


It’s a great idea, there might be someone here who works for them that could provide a lead contact. If not I know people who work for Costa lol


Not sure how well this would go down but you could set up a booth outside with permission and offer to give customers fiat for their ETN as a publicity stunt so they can buy coffee with it.
Or everyone transfer ETN to one guy and have him buy all the coffee just to make it shown to other customers.


I think that Electroneum should make a change that every new wallet gets 10 or 20 free ETN in the available balance so that they can buy that coffee straight away, and then use mobile miner to get another one. All you’d need is a sign up explaining the process. People could even use the free Starbucks wifi to download the app from the store.


guys lets get out of beta first eh? - great idea though :slight_smile:


Cool idea! Hopefully the team will react. It would be great if there would be a pdf or so with a summary of the most important points for vendors. Sometimes I prefer a pdf above a computer screen. I would love to contact businesses too. How cool would it be for a vendor to be one of the first. I thought about canteens at universities or so. Just to add it as a possibility to pay with crypto. Young people are more likely to be aware of the future with crypto. I might be wrong here because I am not that young :thinking::thinking::thinking: Is there an incentive for introducing vendors? Just curious. :wink:


In the worst case scenario If they don’t agree, might take a few people to pull this off. One to have the sign offering free coffee outside, and getting people to install Electroneum on their phones and accept enough ETN to buy a coffee, then someone else inside with a laptop who the guy outside would send people to, who would accept ETN payments and buy the coffee for them. Wouldn’t draw too much attention from any manager or staff.

Could ramp it up to three people if we can find volunteers. Sign guy, Laptop guy, then another guy to buy coffees and bring them to the people who ordered them with ETN from the laptop guy.

Would look pretty inoccuous to the Starbucks staff, they might think it’s just a group meeting at starbucks and buying coffees haha! But in reality, it’s joe public people comming into starbucks and buying coffee with crypto.

The trick to achieving the impossible, is keeping those who say it can’t be done away from the people who are doing it


I’ll be looking for volunteers from the community in the North wales area, I will need some extra hands to carry out Plan B if Starbucks does not actively participate.

I’ll have joe public buying Starbucks coffee with ETN one way or another.


I think I have an easier less pressure way to do this. What if we all over the world offer to tip them in Electroneum if they download the app. Maybe they are not allowed to have their phones when they are working, not sure. hmmmm


Intriguing, could you elaborate on how this might help? Do you have a rough plan for how tipping the staff in ETN would help press forward the goal of them accepting ETN as payment for coffee?

This does sound like it could be done in parallel with what I intend to do anyway. I’m thinking of giving £10 worth of ETN to people to buy coffee though the system I already have planned. They would have Change left in ETN after buying something. Perhaps Part of what I’m doing could include mentioning to customers that they could tip the staff in ETN with their change.

I’m more than willing to weave other peoples Ideas into this campaign, and to be fair. Yours looks like a good one. Hats off to you sir.


Well I was thinking we could apply this in general to all waiters, pizza delivery guys/gals, baristas, donut shops, Uber, Lyft, etc… This doesn’t pressure the store/business owner into integrating it right away but goes one person to another. But eventually it will get seen by the store owner or manager.

Maybe the easiest target would be pizza delivery people. I think most places allow you to input a note into your online pizza order. You could put, “I’ll tip $3 in electroneum.”
The note section is usually really short on pizza orders. And if you’re a delivery person you could have a sticker on your shirt that says, “I accept Electroneum tips” with QR code underneath.

Baristas and waiters have to spilt the tips jar so only one address can be used and then it would have to be divided to the other wallets so the tip jar would have to have a “we accept Electroneum tips” and a QR code but you wouldn’t get there unless you first keep asking the baristas if you can tip them in Electroneum until they start bugging the manager to let them accept Electroneum tips.

If the customers keep asking to tip in Electroneum then it shows the staff and manager that their customers consider it money. If the staff consider it money you are one step closer to getting it accepted by the store without having to sales pitch them.
If they ask you what it is you can keep it simple and say, “it’s like Venmo but it’s Cryptocurrency for phones and they give you a small amount free everyday, just hit start mining.”


Great ideas, I don’t normally order Pizza… But I’ll try this Idea out and see how it goes. Best thing about all this is that it ties in perfectly with what I have planned. Since I’m giving out £10 worth of ETN per customer, they are going to have change left over. Easy enough to mention to them that they can tip the Staff in ETN, and easy enough to let the staff know they have tips in ETN on the way and help them get Electroneum on their phones.


Just an Update on progress, I’ve been in contact with the Electroneum team, and the response has been positive, They are going to read the forum post and it’s possible I will have the guidance and support, or at least a little advice from them on how to proceed in a professional manner that will have the best chances of a effective outcome for everyone.

I am also preparing what I will need for a tentative trial I will undertake myself before I have volunteers to move to the next stage.


Another update on progress, I’m currently putting together a rough draft on the email that I will be sending to StarBucks head office. Once I am satisfied I will post it here to allow you all to give it the once, twice, thrice over. And make suggestions and edits as the wisdom of the crowd sees fit…

And for now here’s something appropriate to keep to enlighten you on something remarkable in the meantime.

h ttps://

/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /
(Delete the space after h in https to fix the link, until I get permission to include links in my posts, enjoy :slight_smile: And I’ll get back to you with that email when it is ready for your perusal.!


Oh, And I almost forgot, click on the * symbols in the Interactive Edutainment, they expose some quite marvelous information.


Good thinking, one would have to ensure that there’s no way to cheat by spamming accounts, certainly an Idea with potential for the future. For now In these crude first trials it will not be needed as I will provide everything we need.

I’m still working on that Community petition Email, it’s shaping up nicely. I’ll pop it up in the morning and see what you fellows think of it.


I’ve just completed the first draft of the community petition email.


Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to ask if you would be willing to participate in a short Trial in accepting Cryptocurrency in the form of the of the recently developed “Electroneum Instant Payments” API in one of your establishments on a limited basis to establish its viability.

This is the first time we have deemed a CryptoCurrency to be viable for this Mass Adoption use case.

This would be at no financial risk to yourselves, As our community will provide not only the Cryptocurrency (Electroneum) but also we will pay up front the full amount of Standard Fiat Currency (Pounds Sterling) for the limit of this test (2 to 3 days and £1000 worth of product)

This is how confident we are in the ability of this new breed of cryptocurrency to fulfill all the requirements necessary to meet the demands of a commercial enterprise such as yourselves.

Essentially you will sell £1000 worth of product, Receive the full £1000 amount in Great British pounds cash, AND additionally receive £1000 in the form of cryptocurrency (Electroneum) So you will in essence be paid twice for participating in this trial, with the added benefit that the £1000 worth of cryptocurrency is likely to vastly appreciate in value.

The payment in Great British Pounds will also insure you against the potential volatility present in the burgeoning CryptoCurrency marketplace.

Electroneum also complies with KYC, and AML laws in order to satisfy regulations , This is the first cryptocurrency that goes this far in order to achive the goal of being legitimately recognized as a law abiding currency fit for mass adoption by individuals and commercial enterprise.

Consider this is an opportunity to show to the world at large that StarBucks Coffee embraces opportunities to always be at the cutting edge of society and technology by working with the British Cryptographic Community, and with the official CryptoCurrency of Great Britain.

Yours sincerely, (insert your name here)


I’d like your thoughts and feedback, and any suggestions for improvement you can come up with.


you have pretty much covered everything…