Crypto rich interview with Richard - UK 3000 stores!?!?


Just watched crypto rich’ s video with Richard. 48 mins in. Richard said his off to see a UK company with 3000 stores !!!

Omg who is this ? Tesco mobile maybe ?

Thoughts anyone?


Man, I need to watch this interview just haven’t found the time. This is awesome news though!


Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK and with over 3,000 outlets

could be …


That would be super amazing :open_mouth:


So much coming together. Gonna be an exciting next 15 months!!!


Richard was really spilling the beans in that interview! There were so many juicy details I keep having hit pause, then I would run to the exchange buy more ETN, hit play then I would hear something else I loved, then hit pause, run to exchange buy more etn, hit play then, pause, then buy, they play, then pause, then buy over and over again! I don’t want to watch it again because I have all my BTC in tether right now because BTC is acting funny and I was hoping to have a day off from purchasing more ETN! :wink: lol


We just gotta wait…
Hope everyones kyc goes smoothly and we get to it faster


We need see some progress and marketing - if TESCO join us - it will be WIN on both sides :wink:


If they’re getting chains like Tesco, I’d like to see them enter the Japanese convenience store market (Lawsons and 7-11). It’s massive, and considering they are meeting Japanese regulations, it’s not an impossibility!


If things can be bought directly with ETN. No need for a simple ETN-FIAT conversion. Not really


haha @M-Kid wish i could see you do that :yum:


I think if they would get big partnerships like that then more will follow and believe me if others see big ones go for ETN then more will follow and come to ETN themselfs :yum:


I really want to know but I just doubt its Tescos but who knows he was certainly excited about it.

Also didnt he mention we are talking to a payments provider of some description with 200,000 customers… I really need to re watch it and go over it. The interview was really something.


When you think about it, it’s amazing that they have even signed a deal with even just one small telecom company, for an established business to enter into a partnership with a virtual unknown new company offering a previously untried and untested payment method is quite something.

To get where they have got to already is incredible. And fudsters say they’re soooooooo far behind the curve, sooooooo many other cryptos are WAAAAAAAYYYYYY ahead of them…


Is this the video you are all talking about?


Thats the one. Great interview.


Oki thank you @drpanda I’ll go and watch it :blush: :+1: