Crypto Market Crash Leaving Bankrupt Startups in its Wake


This just proves how professional the Electroneum team have been whilst a slew of startups have gone bust by just dreams and vapourware ETN has been moving along putting their heads down and building and were never worried about the price and were more concerned with the product hence why WE ARE STILL ALIVE AND KICKING AND HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE vs all the hype out there !


Yes interesting article. A little too optimistic at the end.


SpankChain, lol. If ETCDEV only figured out last week that they had financial problems, when crypto prices have been decreasing all year then they were doomed from the beginning.

Their demise sounds like a result of mismanagement, rather than market volitility.


Yeah have to agree with you and this is a problem for a lot of crypto projects - inexperienced leadership &/or team. One of the strengths of the Electroneum project.


That brings up good questions especially for new users here is a good guideline for looking at I.C.O.'s or any project really it is solid info and could save many a person from erroneously going off the deep end. Always remember to not invest more than you are willing to loose! I would also like to add have fun with it. If it is stressing you out everyday then was it really the right choice for you? Also keep in mind I am no expert so take any advice I give with a grain of salt. What works for me might not be the same for you!


It’s interesting though Joseph Lubin had a lot of Management experience, even worked at Golman Sachs but still a tech guy in the end. Seems to be a recurring theme with tech guys in crypto.


most of the projects just ran out of money due to blowing it on stupid marketing gimics like hiring celebrities and doing stunts , which cost millions of dollars , those millions they could of spent wisely building in research and design just as ETN has