Crypto jokes , what's your favourite?


Just another bit of fun , put your favourite cryptocurrency jokes here …

Heres mine ( pun intended )

Q. What’s the difference between an average bitcoin miner and an average plumber?
A. An average plumber can at least solve a block.

Q. How many miners does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. A million – One to do it and 999,999 to verify that he did.

Q. Why won’t the government embrace bitcoin?
A. They hate the idea of a ‘Proof Of Work’.

Q. What’s Richard ells favorite brand of sneakers?
A. ASICS. :joy:

What’s the difference between etn and NASA?
-etns actually going to the moon. ( Oooooo lol )

Where does an Eskimo keep his Bitcoins?
-In a cold wallet.

: Why did the hipster Bitcoin miner burn out his GPU.

A: He was mining before it was cool.

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lol, thanks for sharing
(squooshing a squillion squirrels)


Thanks for your amusing jokes…
Dont holdback…
Im not real good in the jokes department!


This is going to be good! :smiley: thanks :wink:


Best ever jokes thank you Bro.


Love it! Hilarious :joy: :rofl::joy:




You really want to do this? I tried this on Twitter and on the official telegram channel. I made my own from other jokes and thought of new ones. I think I came up with like 30 of them and nobody seemed interested.

  1. When new boomerang? I can’t throw the old one away!

  2. I asked my ex-wife if I could pay my child support in Crypto. She told me to go fork myself. :expressionless:

  3. My ex-wife knows I trade crypto and she demanded $500 in alimony. I said, $498.26 a month in alimony?! Why should I give you $502.01 in alimony?

  4. I asked Liquid why they chose the name QASH. They said because the other option was Qripple.


I think number 3 is hilarious! :sweat_smile:

  1. IMO the ripple logo looks like a ballserang.

  2. If we only use 10% of our brain can I use the other 90% to mine crypto?


Yeah , this community is different @Aironeous , we HAVE a sense of humour hahahhahaha , thanks for the jokes …

We all need a bit of humour in our lives …


Not so much a joke but still entertaining-

Me: crappy day, first my rigs nearly set my place alight, got that sorted with the fans. Then checked cmc, did some TA and forum scanned for news and sentiment. Sure, usual FUD around, “when moon, when lambo” but looked like ETN was heading for bull run so I fomo’d in. Jumped on craptopia sent my btc which took a million confirmations from the blockchain. Finally arrived. Battled some bots and bought my ETN. Then craptopia goes into maintenance on ETN withdrawals argh! Doesn’t matter I’ll be HODLing to the moon anyway. Then to finish my day, I see another retweet from hitbtc saying they’ll be listing ETN…SOON. That’s about my life at the moment.

Non-crypto friend: :flushed: what the??? Can you say that in English please?


Hahaha :joy: hilarious @Aironeous. All of them! No.6 :purple_heart::chipmunk:


Tis a good thing I am fluent in Melbournian.!


I found this one amusingScreenshot_2018-07-03-17-04-58-1


Most melbourians aren’t fluent in our language! They wouldn’t understand a word of what I wrote- hodl, FUD, fomo etc :joy::joy::joy:


So someone made a crypto parody of Rebecca Blacks Friday song called black Friday.
If you don’t know who/what she is, here is a quick explainer.
Rebecca Black came out with this horrible song called Friday when she was just a tween. Horrible because it was simple and talentless and she got a lot of hate for it but it blew up with millions of views.

Even Stephen Colbert comedically did the song on his show and acted serious about it and had a celebrity singer come on and join him. You can’t find it on youtube anymore because he probably got rid of it out of concern for her. This greatly affected her and she later redeemed herself as a singer but so you can understand the humor here, here is how it goes.

The original Friday music video (keep in mind she was just a kid)

Here she explains what it was like to live through this and she redeems herself as a singer on The Voice. She can actually sing!

Now here is the parody of her original song but converted to Crypto


Hahahaha that’s clever … I sometimes feel that the parody songs are just as good if not sometimes better…




That is a perfect analogy !!