Crypto_guy says any ETN buy under $0.0333 is a good buy!


Besides all the good news coming down the pipeline from the Electroneum team, lets just look at the math. Where ETN wants to be is mining $3 a month on mobile miner.

3 dollars a month ÷ 30 days in a month = .10 a day. Currently earning 10 coins every 3 days so 3 coins a day. .10 a day ÷ 3 coins = $.0333 a coin.

So… if where we are going is .0333 a coin. Then any buy under $.0333 is a good buy at the moment, in my opinion.

I Personally think everything under 0.05 is an awesome price for ETN seeing as the highest price ETN ever been was already 0.20 Cents :thinking: but i agree @Crypto_guy everything under that is a good buy for sure :wink:

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I think anytime is a good time to buy, depending on your time frame.That’s if all you care about is price speculation. The goal of ETN is to make a useful coin to buy things with, not just be a store of value. Current fiat price is irrelevant then. Any price is good.

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Yes, but let’s be honest, nobody cares about the technology, at least not as a first concern, which is actually this price speculation. Whoever says otherwise is a hypocrite, for sure!
We haven’t experienced this type of commodity before, and it appears it can give us power to rule our own lives. Then what are you into the most? Changing your life drastically, or just changing your life so and so, by embracing this new technology? Because this will eventually come anyway, but not everyone will make money out of it.
Do you wanna be that guy who didn’t make money when the time was right?

Be Jeff Bezos at a time when everybody was trashing the internet and you can change the world maybe.

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