Crypto Briefing Introduction of KYC Article

Hey folks,

Have you seen Crypto Briefing’s fantastic piece about our introduction of KYC? It’s a really great look at why we’re introducing it, how easy it is to comply with it and how this will open the doors to more adoption of ETN by shops, stores – and more importantly, people!

Here’s a link:

We love it when people say we’re breaking new ground in the cryptoworld (because we are!), but how cool is the idea that you could buy a beer with ETN in the not too distant future and prove you’re legally allowed to drink at the same time?

Where would you spend ETN? If you were heading into the pub with your ETN app, what would your choice of drink be? Let us know in the comments below…

Its a Nice Article @Jade_O i think i would buy a Nice Cappuchino with it in the morning with a sandwich :thinking:

My choys of drink would be champagne with my fellow ETN friends when we celebrate 100$ mark in the summer of 2019. Of course we are in UK and celebrate the ETN team and the Premier league title to Manchester united Happy Days

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