Crowdfunding With Electroneum

It would be interesting to have an easy method for directing your mining output to a wallet other than your own - a platform something like an Electroneum BOINC, Kickstarter and / or Charity where you can direct your mined coins into a project of your liking.
That could be done two ways; with partnerships, or the Etn team could manage donations itself.


I am not a big fan of Crowdfunding, but i will like something lik a community fund where we can donate ETN and have a vote when a really good cause come up. ETN make a wallet address we can donate to. the community vote for five new members every month and in the end of the month we vote for the good cause and fore the five new members that will organise the next month votes.


I agree with you @Nicolas and @B.F.A it’s a nice idea to support causes of your liking if you want to or that we can use ETN in different ways and vote with them and help other ETN users out with certain projects and such :sunglasses::+1::thinking:

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Totally agree with this recommendation. We are in talks with Charities who are focussed on developing countries and will ensure this is part of the discussion

Thanks all


“Mining for a Cause”
Totally agree been thinking about this before as well!
1st world users who could mine for the charity of their choice could be a great concept.
Perfect scenario: the charity markets their users to download app and give or mine effectively marketing the Electroneum app


@chris.gorman that is great to hear I can’t wait to see etn being used for charity’s :+1:

I agree mining would also be great to do or partially give away ETN you mine for a good cause of your liking every time you earn some ETN good idea @CryptoBandogge

Also in this line of thinking, but not quite as important:

Has anyone used or heard of GRIDCOIN?
Basically it allows people to commit processing power to scientific projects while paying them as mining another coin would (or at least helps fend off the E-bill)

Now I suppose that niche has been filled by GC, however seeing as Electroneum has the potential to have a massive user following, I think they should consider running their own version of a “mine for science” system.
It would be an excellent way to get more people into that sector.

For those who have not heard of BOINC:
boinc website

What if the medium of “mining for a cause” was simply through changing the reward system a little.
Right now it’s just a pyramid, and the person who recruits the most basically gets the highest mining bonus. That’s a good way to start I suppose because greed can be a good motivator, however what about the people who are more interested in the positive impact of the currency than making an extra buck?

It would be useful if there were a method to have your mining bonus allocated to a cause or project instead of your own mobile miner, or you could even then set up a decentralized community fund. Obviously not plausible at this price but it could work in the future. Just a thought.