Crowdfund enough ETN so we can buy ourselves into other exchanges like Binance

If we all donate a little bit of ETN (maybe the ETN we make with the miner).

We can buy our way into Exchanges like Binance.

Yes this will all cost us some ETN, but if we do this it will probably help the price of ETN increase so we will get our value back.

The big exchanges will come to us in time. Buying your way onto an exchange to pump value is something a coin that does not have much to offer does. Once the contracts start coming in the exchanges will catch FOMO and list etn on their own.

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Verge did this and it was really bad PR

yeah thats true. What do you mean tho with “Once the contracts start coming” ?

There are a number of mobile phone providers in negotiations to promote ETN to their customers. This will involve accepting etn to buy minutes, potentially at a discounted rate. This is why the KYC is being required. It was needed to close those deals. This will lead to millions of new ETN users.

We have parternips with mobile network operators ready to be announced and go live this month. They have tens of millions of users. Once these corporate partners start accepting Electroneum form their customers as payment in return for double minutes, our value will significantly rise to the extent that big exchanges like Binance will want to list Electroneum for free.