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I’ve been thinking lately about ways to educate new users of Electroneum to the many facets of Cryptocurrency, in addition to the Electroneum project as a whole. While we have a section of the forum dedicated towards “ETN Guides”, it is my opinion that this may not be sufficient; as the number of guides grows, it will become more cumbersome to navigate. I propose a dedicated Wiki page as a solution, which can provide a much more user-friendly navigation experience. Additionally, I propose that guides posted in one place, be it the Wiki site or the ETN Guides forum, be duplicated and cross-linked.

This will provide not only a cleaner experience for users wishing to self-educate, but also provide them direct access to the forum discussion, where they can read and reply as they see fit.

A great idea. Sometimes facts can be hard to get.


@benjaminoo I was thinking, would this be something you’d be willing to host/manage? I feel it would drive more traffic towards your site, which is, after all, directed towards educating people on Electroneum.

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Definitely! Thanks for the awesome suggestion @Satsuikeshi . I’ll check out some wiki software and consider the pro’s and con’s.

Do you have any wiki software you can suggest for something like this?

@benjaminoo Off the top of my head, I do not. I will look into it, though! Any particular framework or language you prefer?

Just a quick look around so far, but I did find one that jumped out at me. Open source, and looks quite friendly to implement and use.

Great Idea! Hopefully that will come soon!