Credits goes big time


For those of you that have read my posts before, you know I’m into three cryptos mainly because they are real companies doing real things solving real problems. ETN, TUBE, and CS.

This morning, Credits went big time being the first crypto project to ever be posted on a real world company’s site as a partner and a solution for services moving forward. It has solved the scale-ability and speed problems that its’ competitors (ETH, EOS, ADA, TRX, and NEO) are still trying to solve on their own blockchains.

I’m no financial adviser, but I don’t see how CS doesn’t replace all the above mentioned project competitors very soon. Credits has positioned itself to be the future of IoT and you should probably give it a good look and decide for yourself. This is a HUGE step in the world of crypto.

Here is a link to IBM’s website about the partnership

Here’s a link to Sean Davis’ (Crypto for the people) youtube channel discussing it:


Thanks for the link @Cryptoman976
I’ll be looking at that a little later today when I finish work.
Good advice never goes astray.
I enjoy a Sean Davis Video too!
Hes a good stick!



I hope you’re in it thick.
You deserve it!!


LOL, thanks. I have a few but nothing that will make me rich by any means. Credits was nothing more than an extremely promising project to me based on my personal investing strategy. I wish I had more! But I have no more money to invest:(


I feel your short term pain
All in the name of long term gain!,
I had my spin on waves last night.
More than happy .
For now!


Yes interesting impact of IBM news on price for Credits intraday - started at 8.6us cents > peak at 12.1, then back almost to open at 9cents . Why doesn’t it sustain the price? Go figure.

Will be interesting to see how deal rollouts effect price in 2019 for ETN. AT least there are lots of them in the pipeline.


It is a bear market. Price supression is very strong. Projects could hand oit gold bars and would still get suppressed right now. It is getting very annoying for sure.