Credit/Debit cards on Liquid


I can say I tested with Visa and got € on exchange in 2minutes :slight_smile: The only minus is 10% fee.


5% fee i think KarEnTam, same as Binance if memory serves me right.


%5 on each bank. its in small description below…

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ahhhh ok, thanks :+1:


The 5% (10 EUR minimum) fees that the acquiring bank (ECP) or Simplex take will be the same for both debit and credit cards. However, there are issuing banks (the card holder’s bank) that will sometimes charge the card holder an additional fee on card transactions (both Credit & Debit).

As I see some banks are not the problem and you have only 5% fee…interesting


I see, so 5% for liquids bank…but your own bank ‘may’ also charge. I assume thats the same for other platforms like Binance.

Good to know. Thanks Kar

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fee is 5% but min fee is 10€


Is there any way to determine who CEX,io’s payment processor or acquiring bank is? I couldn’t tell from who I have purchased with. Would be very interested if someone can shine a light on this. Cheers