Credit/Debit cards on Liquid



I can say I tested with Visa and got € on exchange in 2minutes :slight_smile: The only minus is 10% fee.


5% fee i think KarEnTam, same as Binance if memory serves me right.


%5 on each bank. its in small description below…


ahhhh ok, thanks :+1:


The 5% (10 EUR minimum) fees that the acquiring bank (ECP) or Simplex take will be the same for both debit and credit cards. However, there are issuing banks (the card holder’s bank) that will sometimes charge the card holder an additional fee on card transactions (both Credit & Debit).

As I see some banks are not the problem and you have only 5% fee…interesting


I see, so 5% for liquids bank…but your own bank ‘may’ also charge. I assume thats the same for other platforms like Binance.

Good to know. Thanks Kar


I think this is the cheapest way to buy a crypt with a fiat.
Only 1.5% is the commission and the minimum is only 25 Euros.
By comparison, the most popular stock exchange takes 3.5% or 10, which automatically means a minimum buyout of 300 to be at the level of Bit Panda Austrians.
Euro, Dollar, Peak and Swiss franc are the currencies supported.
You can buy 20 of the most traded cryptoLooks.
There is a SWAP option between them.
A good option is also the fact that users inside the platform can transfer to each other
crypt, without any commission, and without any minimum. You may also transfer 1 sadouch.
Their Android app is at a very high level.
The only condition is to pass a check.
If you use the above link, you will also earn 5 Euros when buying a crypt for 100 Euros.


I tried it at least 15 times on PC, Mac, phone but “luckily” the deposit with credit card at liquid didn’t work for me (there was always an error message saying out of service) so I signed up at bitpanda (quite fast kyc with video chat and a separate phone call before they accepted my card deposit). Only prob that there is no etn so I bought btc and transferred to liquid and swapped for etn. waiting of withdrawal to commence to my CLI wallet, they don’t do withdrawal on weekends. BTW I don’t see getting 5€ although I used your link @dimdBG and bought btc for €150.



fee is 5% but min fee is 10€


Wait! Payment is once a month.
Or you are a resident of Germany. It does not apply to residents of Germany.