Creating Electroneum awareness


On Saturday 29th of September, 2018, I spoke about Electroneum and its huge future potentials in a powerful event at Abuja, Nigeria.

I also showed people how to step up an ETN wallet plus mobile mining.


Great job Tola… Thank you for all you’re doing!


Haha, this is what needs to be done! Well done brother!


Wow very interesting thank you for sharing, will you be doing more events?


This is awesome… very happy to have you in our community.


Hey sir, youre doing great job , not only for etn and its community but for other peeps


You are leading you do you manage,respect. Happy Days


Well done! I love what you are doing :slight_smile:


Doing great !!
I should try as you have done.


Yes, absolutely! The awareness must continue.


great job my brother.


More people like you i have one friend from india - Sunny Mech… and he do the same in India… I tweeted about his story…


Hello time traveler…
On 29th of October? You mean September right? :thinking::relaxed:


Superb work mahn… ur doing great for the community!


Wow, million thanks, this is just great! We catching the ETN fever already.



Awesome work brother…



A welcomed initiative! Great job brother


Well done @Tola , great to see member spreading the word about Electroneum all over the world!


This is fantastic, great work man. I hope this brings great things for you guys. I am excited for ETN to help the unbanked.


Well done. Thats what the Vision is all about :slight_smile: