Creating CLI wallet on another PC


Can I remake the paper CLI wallet on another PC or is it locked into the creation on the first PC? I’m guessing all I need to do is bring the .etn and .keys file over to the new machine running the CLI?



Yes, you can copy the files over to another PC and access your wallet there

You can also create a copy of the CLI wallet on another PC by using the

25 word seed mnemonic

but then you have to set a password to access it from this PC


Thanks for the reply very helpful


You will of course need to run the full blockchain node on that other PC

The node is currently 34.5 GB

You can set it up in about 5 hours using the .raw download.

Manually letting it download everything itself might take 1-2 days, so getting the .raw download is highly recommended.

Just worth being aware of.


If you bind the daemon to the ip address of the machine running the full blockchain rather than localhost, you can run the cli wallet on any or all computers on your network. You only need the full blockchain running on one computer.


thanks for all the info appreciated. Running the importer now on the linux rig.


@a86eec2b353951aba4d5 Ok, I concede I was addressing it as 2 seperate non-interdependant machines. Say, a home desktop and a laptop you bring to work or college.

What you add is handy to know, but means both machines would need to be running.


No idea why i titled it “another PC”. I wasn’t even drinking my homemade mead:)