Cpu and the mining app


How are people mining 10 a day, i saw one guy saying he was mining 10 a day he says its because his samsungs got a better cpu but i was told it makes no difference the app is a simulation of whats being mined


Etn team are supposed to control this via what hash rate the brand of phone could mine at , but this is a simulation. So for example an s8 is better than S5 , but I can say this from personal experience, the wife’s s7 used to mine at 42 hash my s8 30 , which confused the hell out of me . Newer phones better power ??? Maybe I’m wrong lol .
I have seen some posts where people are getting 50 hash on an android phone I’ve never seen before …

4 weeks ago it took me 5 days to get 5 etn , 2 weeks ago that went to 4 days 10 etn , now it’s at 10 etn every 2 days .

So who knows it’s in the hand’s of the gods lol…


sounds like thsose who can afford expensive phones get more than poor people who by cheap ones, the rich get rich and the poor stay poor lol


My former phone I used with Electroneum was a slow Snapdragon 425 and now that I switched to a much more powerful Galaxy S8+ mobile, I get the same hashrate, but much lower ETN per day.
I highly doubt it that the CPU has any significant effect on the ETNs you earn. What you might mix up is the fact, that people could generate more ETN as the price was extremely low.
I reckon the current price has much more effect on the ETNs you earn than the performance of your phone. Just think about what it would mean if the price would skyrocket, people would earn extreme amounts.
To keep it short:
Some months ago I got 10 ETNs in 2 days or 1 day with my old phone, now with my new one, it takes days.


these guys seem to think there cpus make a difference, my self i think they using more than one item to get 10 a day http://prntscr.com/lf5qrd but maybe i’m wrong


I’ve heard this too , not sure which one is correct or both maybe ?


Have you taken into account that this “one guy” may have several people using his referral code thus getting a boost.

I agree that there is no consistency regarding payout which is frustrating.


doesnt say that though he doesnt say that though you would think he would of said that, he admits in statement he used 2 phones


Well he is headed for a ban then , he will be found out … it’s in the t&c