Could we have an address book within app/webapp


Just a small suggestion here for the web/mobile app. Would it be possible to have an address book within the app/web account? At the moment, you have to continuously re-enter the wallet receive address of the person you’re trying to pay.

Whilst this is fine if it’s just a one-off payment, for example, I myself have to send multiple payments out every week. If there was an address book, this would be a much easier process. Something like the pay a contact from most mobile banking apps. I believe this would be easier for “newbie” users too, not having to worry about entering the big long address every time and making sure you get it right or worrying about getting it wrong.

Perhaps you could even add a contact via their email or phone number or such like, which would eliminate the need to even deal with these long address, which I’ve seen said before by other people could be off-putting for those new to crypto. perhaps there would be security concerns with these methods, I’m not sure.

Anyway, it’s obviously not a high priority thing, but I thought I’d put the idea out there.

Thanks, Chris.