Could the 51% attack on ETH Classic happen to ETN?


Why the Ethereum Classic hack is a bad omen for the blockchain

Our mining numbers seems low and the price is low enough that someone with enough to start double-spending. Any safeguards in place for ETN?


Short answer is, yes. Any coin outside of the big dogs (BTC, LTC, etc) can be 51% attacked


the problem is that we are always under attack, the blockchai system should be inviolable but instead we are discovering that we can steal millions of dollars I do not think this is the future, it is the present who earns so much, those who are robbed of his investment, like the banks today !!! what changes in the world ??? out of the bank ok! but it seems that the risks are high the same and the people remain far from certain investments and uses of these virtual monetizations. I hope in ETN THAT CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE


The difference with ETC is that ETC had a low %age of the total ethash algo hashrate, so it was easy for a big boy to move from another ethash coin to this one, etn is the cryptonight v7 blockchain with the biggest hashrate (again, not 100% sure we are, but more likely 99%)



That’s a great chart!