Could not KYC level 2 several times

Hello Electroneum,

The problem here is how can I know why I could not comply with Electroneum rule? I provided all the documents that I could but you kept rejecting me. Did I miss something, or did I provided my nickname Linkin Duck instead of my real full name? At least give me the information that I provided before I proceeded to the level 2 KYC, now I even cannot view my personal information and continue my ETN mining!

I can provide all the documents again via this email thread for better convenience, but should I worry about security and account safety here?

There is no mining (rewards) any more 7203. That was stopped last month with the end of phase 1.

Reqarding your KYC, please read the FAQs for help on issues and guidance on what to do if you are stuck.

I am very clear with the guidance but have no clue why Electroneum kept rejecting althought I provided all kinds of document together with selfie photos. That’s why I asked about the Electroneum capability of KYC processing and if I provided my nick name instead of real full name first.

By law, the team can only make changes to an account if the person making the request can prove they are the legal owner. If you have lied about your name there is very little they can do as they are bound by EU regulations.

Raise a support ticket and see if there are any options…

(NOTE: The support system does not use the same login credentials as your wallet. You can raise a ticket with just your email by clicking on the “Submit a Request” link at the top of the page. To monitor your outstanding tickets and add updates you will need to “Sign Up” (on the Sign In page) using the same email. Also please note, due to high volumes, support tickets can take up to 10 Working Days to deal with.)

In regards to my former query this is the reply I receive from support "Hi *********,

Thanks for getting in contact.

Please forward any and all KYC queries to here KYC and AML FAQs.

It can take up to 10 working days for your document to be checked".
How do I really get my account activated?.

Hi 10010, that link should be I’ve passed on that feedback.

Dear,I wrote to support but they directed me back to thread has been closed.please how do I get my account verified.Is really stressfull for out,thanks.

The new FAQ is located here

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