Could LinkedIn could propel ETN's gig economy?


Do you see a benefit for ETN being either used or promoted on an employment website such as LinkedIn? The ecosystem which you have elegantly described is designed to employ the “east” to the “west” though a gig economy. I know you are creating Gig Guru to serve as the Gig economy platform. However, once these eastern individuals build there clients or skills, maybe they would want to pay for a LinkedIn premium account using ETN, in order to fulfill their desire/goal/need to move to a “western” country. Moreover, provide young entrepreneurs newly open pathways to universities or skilled colleges in the west by allowing them to pay application fees with ETN. I can only imagine this would help to recruit skilled employment into the west from the east, in return further generating the belief the in the “east” that ETN’s gig economy will help lead them to success… whether it remain local or flourish to global journeys.

Keep up the hard work, we are all rooting for ETN!

-T :man_scientist:t2: