Could Any Body Explain That!

hi today I logged to my account and i notices that there is note till me that ( Your wallet may be subject to limitation/disruption including permanent or temporary withdrawal of access according to regulatory requirements. ) I did the KYC lev 3 but I couldn’t understand what is this mean any help guys?Captu3232re

I think it’s showing that to everyone, and that it simply means that if you do something illegal(money laundering or smth) then they can withdraw access to your wallet and that according to your KYC level you have different limits…

i’m sure @Rach has Answered this a few times before, although not very well IMO. ETN hasn’t Received Legal Opinion for your Country yet. I want to be seen stating that this should have been done first before putting up what/if/maybe Warnings. Would avoid people getting freaked out for possibly nothing.

Basically they are issuing a warning to people from your Country that after Legal Advice regarding them being aloud to operate there… They may be forced to restrict Access.

Listen up ETN: Always remember the 6 P’s



yap i can see but it is a little bit scary, i love the project and I’m with it i *made my full KYC * but now ETN told me by that my wallet is like the non made KYC people ! and it’s not acceptable I think we trust the team and trust the project but by that i think it will be bad hope to end this things or to make good explanation for it because we are spreading the ETN project all over the place and we don’t the people to get what we saw already

i did all my level and i m normal user EVEN i dont have that much of ETN but i think it is not acceptable after doing my Full KYC .