Corporate deals to be done after the MM runs out?

We all know the MM supply is finite, hopefully we are talking quite a long time even at this low coin price… I was just wondering what might happen if they have been successful in various parts of the world and had tens of millions of people using the MM and the supply runs out. Not a problem in those initial target areas as it will have done its job!
But imagine then a new opportunity opens up in a different part of the world which they have not previously penetrated, maybe 5 or 10 years down the line and it’s a monster deal… what would happen then, they change the business model completely? Or create a whole new coin for that target market?

How would that work if there were no coins left?

Could work I suppose, might need a lot of adverts… and advertisers willing to pay before a market has even been established.

The way I see the mobile miner is its just to get peoples foot in the door and have a taste of ETN and see what its all about, to essentially get it off the ground realistically I can’t see people really getting much $ value out of it at all if it were to become really big and still have mobile mining supply left.

If ETN gains popularity and becomes well accepted then I think the mobile miner is much less important, there are so many ways ETN could monetize there platform, just as a really silly example they could put ads in the app which I don’t think they would do or attach other services into there echo system so take Amazon for example they started off with books and now they are in the music service, movie service and more. Or Google and Facebook which are free but gained massive user numbers and then added in paid services to there platform.

Richard kind of mentioned this in a recent interview I can’t remember exactly what the question was but it was something along the lines of how will ETN make money in the long run and he said like Facebook and other companies they make it free and easy to use and get massive user numbers then monetize the platform which can be done in various ways. Having very high user numbers in itself opens up alot of doors.


Yes, they have said they will charge for using the vendor app once it has become well established, so no problem with them surviving as a company. I was just thinking of how you get coins into a brand new ecosystem, where it is not yet massive and popular.

They most likely will have something in place to promote coins going in to a pool. On one of his videos he talks about how many coins are set aside for the mobile app for example. I believe they hold some in reserve for special contests, bonuses, milestones, and replenishment. I am sure more news will follow!

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richard said in an interview that they have enough for 10 years. people will only earn 3 dollars worth of etn per month regardless of price.


And in 10 years, hopefully the unbanked can become banked!! :money_with_wings:


True he Said around 10 years what is not bad a lot of people Will be using ETN by that time we hope :blush:

3 dollar price would be 1 ETN
30 dollar price would be 0,10 ETN
300 dollar price would be 0,01 ETN



But the unknown variable is the number of users. If thy were giving out 10 million coins per day it’s less than 3 years.

This is true if the numbers come on hard and fast as I understand it what happens is that the pooling slows down the amount that you acquire. For example if 5 of us have the app we may get a coin every few seconds or at least a portion of a coin. But if 30000 people are on the app the coins come out much slower so the release rate is adjusted to the volume of the people using the app. This makes sense to me and is a good way to ensure longevity in the coin being dispersed. That said it will be interesting to see how that plays out!

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When they monetise the vendor app, I wonder if that could supply sufficient “spare” coins for a new round of mobile mining over and above what the company retains for itself.

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There was talk of adding decimals to the value to increase supply. The could then mine more for MM.

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I think it’s a great tool to gain adoption but it won’t be absolutely necessary once we’re on a massive scale.

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